iOS 8 – 18 Cool Features that Users Simply Can’t Ignore

iOS 8 – 18 Cool Features that Users Simply Can’t Ignore

WWDC, the developers arena made a mark this year with two great software launch by the tech-giant Apple. The developers are lucky enough to check out the beta version a little earlier, until an open beta program kicks off for the consumer in September.

WWDC conference in 2014 kept a bag full of surprises for developers and consumers. Third-party onscreen keyboards, widgets in the notification center, in-built media apps for the device’s camera is surely going to raise a toast for the iOS 8 users.

The perfect cherry on the cake was the debut of Apple’s new programming language – Swift.

Swift can be given a board in our next blog, but as for now its iOS 8 the latest buzzword. “iOS 8 is going to change the mobile life of iPhone users,” says Mashable. They shared the coolest features on iOS 8 that is going to set a trend in their new blog – The 18 Most Important Features in iOS 8.


Coolest Features in iOS 8

  1. Battery usage indicator – Finally, they have it. iPhone drains a lot of battery, thus a notification on phone usage was necessary. Developers will love to have it.

  2. Brand new keyboard – Onscreen keyboard a fundamental aspect for all iPhone’s, but now it gets an upgrade via predictive typing. Apple is allowing developers to offer their own keyboards just like Skype in Android.

  3. Continuity – Collaboration of cloud to a new level with their new feature Handoff.

  4. Camera – iOS 8 comes with couple of more options like a three-second timer, time-lapse capture for video and focus & exposure controls.

  5. iCloud Photo Library – 1000 photos, is it enough? Nah.. its the cloud so keep on uploading photos and videos.

  6. Family sharing – Felt the close bonding up to six people in your circle sharing content downloaded from the iTunes.

  7. Notification center – Hoped that it just get better, and see devs of Apple did it.

  8. Message – Now you can send both audio and video messages to your friends.

  9. Widgets – Android launched it and now Apple is going to improve it making data sharing easier for iPhone users.

  10. Lock screen app suggestions – Cool app suggestion based on locations.

  11. TouchID – Here’s the new fingerprint access, developers can explore it more.

  12. iCloud Drive – Apple soars is cloud nine with cloud-storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

  13. Heath app – Integrate all your fitness app into one app, developers can take advantage of this app in the coming days.

  14. Its the new Siri – Now users can activate Siri without touching the phone, amazing isnt it?

  15. Contacts on apps screen – See a strip of recent contacts right above the running apps.

  16. Searching gets better – Wikipedia, App Store or iTunes you get all with one click.

  17. Upgraded Safari – Get more flexibility in private browsing.

  18. Weather apps – No more Yahoo, now gets weather news from the channels itself.

Being the leading Mobile App development company, our developer shares a huge interest in iOS 8, we look forward to have more knowledge on the same.


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