NASA Earth as Art App for iPad: Have a Bird-Eye View of the Blue Planet

NASA Earth as Art App for iPad: Have a Bird-Eye View of the Blue Planet

Space photos from NASA were always amazing, but looking at the Blue Planet from the space is more breathtaking. NASA Earth as Art app (free) celebrates the beauty of our planet from the space. They share images captioned with detailed text, the real focus on landscapes from various camera angles.

NASA captures the images from five Earth-orbiting satellites: Terra, Landsat 5, Landsat 7, EO-1, and Aqua. For those curious about satellites, the app links them to NASA mission pages for a detailed preview.

ImagePC Mag in their latest review explains in details about this app for the iPad users. We dig in a little for our readers. For more details look into PC Mag.

See –

  • Rich images, clearly sharing the geological features on earth: deserts, dune fields, oases, outcroppings, lakes, rivers, etc.

  • Another sections shows the atmospheric images, such as unusual cloudscapes from space

  • Images that show human activity in farmlands around the Mississippi River, etc.

Exploring the Gallery –

  • Opening the app allows you to see a grid of images with a few descriptions such as Introduction, Cover, Landsat 7, Mt. St. Helen’s, and so on

  • Captions of images are available even if you are offline

  • Arrangement of images done by continents

  • Images comes with information tab that is easy to generate a call up action

  • Access World of Change, three time-lapse animations from NASA’s Earth Observatory site

Social media plug-in is still not built-in to NASA’s new app, but users can always save a screenshot and email or tweet it, or post it on Facebook. If compared to NASA App HD, NASA Earth as Art App is more fine-focused and comprised of aesthetic satellite photos. This mobile app is free and worth installing by iPad users and has exciting features for the developers to note.

Credit : Image


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