Top 6 Mobile OS Beyond Android and iOS

Top 6 Mobile OS Beyond Android and iOS

Smartphone era, that’s the best way to describe the panorama of mobiles and their daily use in our life. The life mesh connects every point with the use of mobiles. With the inception of Smartphones and Tablets, PC sales nearly soars in the dust.

Android rules the market, followed by iOS. The battle left is for the third place. Who will be no.3? ZDNet shares a world of operating systems beyond Android and iOS.

Is there anyone to give a good run to Google and Apple for the top spots? – find more at ZDNet.


ZDNet shortlisted six OS that can give a tough compete to Android and iOS in the near future, have a a look –

Blackberry OS 10 – It had thought ahead of time, but finally when it launched QNS Unix based OS 10 it had very little to give as it was too late in its arrival. As for chances to be in no.3 – ZDNet gives 1/100

Sailfish OS – It has a very minute share in the market. This Linux-based operating systems, which use an open-source Qt-based interface. Once in use by Nokia, the later dropped it to favor Windows. It too have fair chance to occupy the third place – 1/100

Firefox OS – Mozilla is quite serious about making Firefox a strong contender. It is not way to dissimilar from Google. In an OS environment when Google is moribund after PCs, Mozilla wants to take on the smartphone life. It can get a real shot, but its time taking as for now it can get a score of 1/20

Ubuntu Touch – This will make it to the top and will make Android and iOS sweat. It has an easy-interface that will work on all platforms. Working in agreements with Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and Deutsche Telekom Ubuntu Touch can easily get 1/4 shots!

Tizen OS – Parent company Samsung. Samsung just released their first Tizen phone and made their foundation in Gear Smartwatch. If Android works so well, why they launched Tizen? If it was not Samsung, then Tizen would have low chances of survival in the market, but Samsung is serious about it. So, it goes with 1/3.

Windows OS – Annoying OS, with 3 percent of market share now occupies the third place and in the near future it is going to lose its rank. Though Windows 8.1 looks promising that their earlier versions. Microsoft fails to hit a home run in mobile devices. Let it stay in no.3 for the time being till the others rise to restore better than Windows.

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