Tizen OS “Dead in the Water”, Says Analysts – Major Blow to Samsung

Tizen OS “Dead in the Water”, Says Analysts – Major Blow to Samsung

Computerworld reports on Tizen OS and their dismal future, a day after Samsung launched it. A UK based analyst declared that this OS is a non-starter, despite heavy consortium of Intel, Samsung and LG Electronics backing it.

Andrew Sheehy, chief analyst for Generator Research said that the Tizen OS is five years behind Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Moreover, with a small cadre of developers is going to witness a car crash in slow motion. He further affirms it in his online research report.


While making comments to Computerworld on Tizen, he further said that the OS is not at all a viable alternative to Android rather it is “dead in the water.”

Tizen Association in an email interaction defended Sheehy’s remarks, claiming that Tizen is not at all different from Android when it first started and with a consortium of famous brands such as Intel, LG and Samsung – “Tizen has a good chance of success.”

Sheehy further said that his analyst firm does not have any relationship with Apple or Google, even does not hold any share. Few days back they published a harsh report even on Google. This opinionated analysis on Tizen’s dismal future is a truth, and Samsung must take it positively to undergo a core development and fix the issues the Sheehy’s report showcases.

To find the full report refer Computerworld.



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