Google Panda 4.0 Is Out Of The Jungle – How To Cage Your Website from it Attacks?

Google Panda 4.0 Is Out Of The Jungle – How To Cage Your Website from it Attacks?

May 20, 2014 yet another animal escaped the Google Jungle and started to hunt down their prey (websites). While browsing the popular search engine marketing blog, we took a halt at Search Engine Watch that has performed a thorough case study on Google Panda attacks down the line.

SEW in their latest article 6 Tips to Protect a Large and Complex Website From Google Panda [Case Study shares that, “Many of those companies got blindsided by Panda, as they mistakenly saw the misleading surge in traffic as a positive signal SEO-wise. Unfortunately, that sinister surge led to Google seeing a boatload of poor user engagement due to thin content, duplicate content, tech problems causing content issues, etc.”

Indeed, Panda’s best friend is one and only Poor User Engagement.


SEW took a clear initiative to help the website suffering from Panda attacks. They came up with six ways to fight with the Panda 4.0 and dig a moat around the websites to stop it from entering your den (website).

  1. Audit the website continually, this help you to keep a tab on the future releases. Scheduling audit throughout the year with crawl, manual analysis and webmaster tools can help to nip problems in the budding stage.

  2. Talk to your SEO team or the SEO agency which helps to maintain your website to get notified before any release pushes out

  3. Glenn Gabe, the SEW contributor Glenn Gabe asks SEO people to gain access to their client’s test server in order to check all changes before they are pushed to production.

  4. SEO people must educate their clients on Google updates to keep their websites out of danger.

  5. SEO people helping their clients must open up an environment where their clients can make queries and educate themselves to take DIY actions in case of the absence of the SEO team.

  6. Finally, he asks the SEO team to become an extension of their engineering team for their clients to encounter these changes whenever they come.

Was your SEO agency awake during this latest update? Did you face a negative impact on your website? Look for professional Search Engine Marketing Services to stay out of the danger lines.

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