eBay Valet: The New iPhone App from eBay

eBay Valet: The New iPhone App from eBay

Shopping is like preparing a duck soup these days, and now eBay takes it to online selling with their new App eBay Valet for the iPhone users reports TechCrunch. Mark it, just for the iPhone users.

It is the same old Sell for Me valet service from eBay, which they have taken to mobiles. It would help to fix your eyes on close of aspects of selling an item, determining the item’s value, listing it online to shipping, can handle everything for the iPhone users. Compared to web-based counterpart, eBay Valet makes online selling easier, not just for the first time buyers, but anyone who does not have time to handle listing at their own.


App Designed And Developed By: IIC (Israel Innovation Center), a unit within the Innovation and New Ventures organization based in Tel-Aviv

How it Works: Just take a photo of the article you want to sell, and then enter the item description. Within 30 m minutes, your valet will respond with a valuation range, and would ask for selling confirmations. After the item sells off typically via a seven day listing 70 percent of the profits transfers to your PayPal account. Unsold items returns to your for a charge or recycled.

This app sounds similar to Sold, a startup that sold itself to Dropbox late last year. Many businesses were trying to topple the established e-commerce shopping websites such as eBay, Zaarly, YardSellr and EggDrop, but none made it to the finish line. And its eBay this time – the trendsetter of online shopping – so Valet will rock for sure!

Note: Valets will not sell something in poor condition, worth less than $40, heavier than 25 pounds, breakable, media, license or codes, clothing or high-value items that require authentication

Click: eBay Valet


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