Google Now Gonna Sell You Domains

Google Now Gonna Sell You Domains

Today Google officially announced that they are going to become a salesman – Oops! Well, what we want to say is that Google is building a domain registration service called Google Domains. Well, the product is still at its beta stage, you will need an invite to get in and purchase your own URL.

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registration service is surely going through tough phase as they have received a fresh contender, and it’s none other than Google.


You can set up a custom domain of your choice, but Google won’t actually be hosting your website. It’s just going to handle the domain registration service for rest you have to contact its partners – Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify some popular names that specialize in helping consumers build complete websites in mere minutes.

After the public launch of Google Domain, people will get access to buy or sell domains through this service. Unlike other domain registration services, Google is not going to charge extra, create up to 100 email address and as many as 100 customized sub domains. Google Domains use the same DNS servers, as Google’s other websites to make sure that your domain connects quickly and reliably to your website.

Head on to the full article Google is quietly testing a service for registering website domains shared on The Verge.


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