Google I/O Keynote Wrap Up

Google I/O Keynote Wrap Up

Gosh, we are back again with our Google I/O wrapping up on the Keynote. The conference dragged almost three hours on Wednesday, not so long like the previous conferences. Google I/O developer’s conference that kicked off today was packed with surprises.
Google held its keynote address to give an overview of the news it revealed in those three hours. As we said that, the conference was overload with surprises – with a preview on the upcoming version of Android, as for now it is introducing a new design paradigm to Google’s OS that will help it work across different screen and devices.

The three hours of Keynote session was a packed with loads of ups-and-downs, besides Google unveiling many new stuffs. The hosts spent a lot of time explaining the features of those new stuffs that even developers felt to keep tuned, at least when presented on the stage (the conference was little dragging, over-stuffed with features).
Developers and conference attendee do got an amazing vision of a unified future of Android and Chrome on desktops, on mobile, in automobiles, on wrists, at home. Gosh, Google is soon going to be an all-time partner both on road and at home.
Keynote, was impressive else than the fact that it was too long. However, when a multi-billion-dollar corporation spends a sizable chunk of money on cool stuff, it is worthy.
However, the showstopper of the day was Google Cardboard, bizarre yet it was awesome – have a look.

For more info on Google I/O, look up at the latest update on our blog. Till then, spare your three hours to watch the Keynote Wrap Up


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