Google I/O 2014 – Day 2 Wrap Up

Google I/O 2014 – Day 2 Wrap Up

We are back with fresh updates from Google I/O 2014 day, Keynote wrap up. Unlike day 1, it was not overloaded with known and unknown surprises, but it was more about Chrome, Chrome and only Chrome.


First half of the event focused on the Chrome Web Browser and other evolving web technologies. Hosts of the event came up with several demos to show the power of modern web, highlighting the difference between GPUs and WebGL using the Microsoft fishies.


Google came up with a new voice input feature on the Chrome Browser simply adding it on the spot to the web app clicker though Chrome Developers Tool. It followed up my demos on new tools like WebGL and voice input, in web apps like Google Translate and an in-browser CAD program, TInkerCAD.


Big news for the Chrome Web Store is the transition of the theme in web apps. With the announcement of spread of the Web Store to all locales with Chrome browsers, (previously it was only available in US). Now it comes with 41-language support to fit in with the international markets. Well, for the developers the big takeaway is that – no fees charged other than a 5% cut to Google, the rest 95% of all revenue goes back directly to the developers. However, Angry Birds made the day as it was available today at the Chrome Web Store.


Another half of the Keynote was on Chrome OS, so far it was limited to a few, but Google today announced two Chromebooks, the Samsung Series 5 and the Acer Chromebook – all set to release on June 15 on the Amazon Online Shopping.

To push this Chromebooks, Google has launched two new programs new programs Chromebooks for Business and Chromebooks for Education. To make it apt for the business Google announced a “Chromebox” which could be set up as a central hub for businesses to use to connect and monitor all of their Chromebooks.

Well, the day ended with an announcement on that was a large and grand, saying that everyone attending would be getting a Samsung Chromebook once it became available. That’s a BINGO!

Therefore, that was all from Google I/O 2014. We look forward to more out-of-the-box concept from Google in 2015.


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