Facebook Sets a New Stage for the Video Ads

Facebook Sets a New Stage for the Video Ads

Facebook is trying hard to make an estimate of the video watchers on Facebook among their 1.3 billion users….phew a tough task. With the recent tweak in their Feed algorithm on Monday, Facebook is trying hard to provide better video viewing platform for their users.

ImageThe tweak also include a new video ranking system which includes whether the user is actually watching the video and how long before deciding who else can take a look of that video in the individual’s feed. Previously it was the likes and the comments served as the key indicators of the video popularity, but now the indicator will show how captivating the video is.

Facebook holds the opinion of sharing more videos in recent days for those viewers who have a habit to browse videos on a regular level. People who have a habit to browse videos regularly can see video feed at the top of their feed, and who does abstain to see videos will find fewer videos. Facebook often seeks way to surface content to people who wants to engage with it.

The other side of the coin dictates the new video ads to users, and the News Feed tweak will give the company a better idea of which users are most receptive to video ads. If Facebook is able to track the video habits of their 1.3 billion users, then it will be easier for the business to engage with the users who like more videos.

This is not the only change in video that Facebook is having this month, earlier they have announced that users who watch more videos will see more video ads as opposed to image-based ads. Algorithm changed will only affect the videos uploaded directly to Facebook.

This is definitely a key to unlock more benefits through social media marketing and give a push to your business on the popular social networks.

Browse the news in Facebook Newsroom to find more details: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2014/06/news-feed-fyi-showing-better-videos/

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