Something New From the House of LG for App Devs

Something New From the House of LG for App Devs

LG’s WebOS based Smart TV is up here, gets the maximum praises, receives huge reviews, and rants after Linux. Com found out how quickly LG merged their TV platform into WebOS just with a little help from Yocto.


LG is ready to persuade the app developers in the town after they released an SDK platform, announced at CES this January 2014; this allows the third party to built apps for it.
This Korean company, which has purchased the webOS patents and source code from HP in 2013, says that their SDK is going to support Windows, Mac and Linux environments, and can to work with a number of standard coding technologies.
In this competitive market of Smart TV, LG picks webOS since they are developer-friendly. Most of the developers out there in the market are great fans of the user interface that LG puts on for their webOS. However, we have to wait and see whether the platform in able to convince app development services and their developers to work on a platform that is less visible than their rivals Samsung are.
What opportunities are going to create for the app developers is a matter of time?

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