5 Android Interfaces That Works Effortlessly

5 Android Interfaces That Works Effortlessly

Coming across a blog of TeamTreeHouse, the notable website that imparts online guidance on web design and development, we came across an interesting write up on mobile app development.


It was about Android Interface design, and we agree with them on the point that the original design intrepid operating system was inferior to iOS and the old Android Market. It grew up with apps overloaded and paid no attention to the design guidelines and the conventions. However, with the recent updates in Google I/O Android is able to throw a light on the design world with a different tone.
After Google unveiled their Material Design that on end of June 2014, which looks spectacular and makes app design more responsive, refreshed and beautiful, we hope that Android Market will soon witness and a surge.
Design team of Google has put forwards all their efforts to implement a design framework for the next-gen Android apps that would support phones, tablets, Desktops, TVs, watches, and autos. With their grassroots in tactile reality, new design framework by Google takes the inspiration from pen and ink and makes Android user interfaces both visually engaging and a delight to use.
Yet, prior to the launch of Material design there are some current Android Interface that are equally engaging that have same capabilities like new Material Design. TeamTreeHouse took the best out of the chunk and have made a list of 5 popular visually engaging Android Interfaces, this include:
Duolingo – An App to learn new language
Timely – A different alarm clock for your mobile
Square Cash – An app to send money within your friend circle
Sunrise Calendar – A clear and precise Calendar App
Hello SMS – A messaging app with aesthetic looks

Here’s a few more from our developers desk

Now goes our list of five apps that our Team Unified’s mobile app developers feel highly grossing and visually engaging in the present days –



Pocket – The complete app to save news, articles, magazines, web content and browse them anytime.
Mint.com Personal Finance – The app to track spending in the best possible way
Plex for PlexPass – The best streaming app for your videos, music, photos and home movies to your Android phone or tablet from Plex Media Server
Rdio – The perfect music app, social jukebox with over 25 million tracks to play
Umano – The favorite podcast app narrated by professional voice actors

Unified Infotech, we are among the leading Mobile Web Development Companies in India working with the latest tool to develop UI that are both visually engaging and responsive. With the coming of Material Design and more Android development, our developers look ahead to make the design more crisp and flexible.


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