Top 10 PHP Tips for Web Developers –PART 2

Top 10 PHP Tips for Web Developers –PART 2

Through our previous blog, we thought to help our followers with some general tips on PHP. As most of our followers are developers or people who are trying to have a business with PHP development. We knew this topic would be of their interest. After receiving a mixed response, we would conclude the topic today with five more exciting tips that can make PHP development easier, faster, and free of errors.


  1. Protecting the Database

For PHP development use of mysql_real_escape_string() is safe to use for all database. This function helps to make the string safe in terms of quotes and other functions that can harm your database, contain bad codes. So use it to take the first step towards data protection. Another thing that developers can do is validate POST and GET strings. Well, you must never use $_REQUEST and make sure that the submitted data has right value before you add it to the database query.

  1. Use POST Not GET

We know most of the developers would not agree with it, as this is not always possible. However, people when it not necessary try to restrict the use of GET and use POST. Reason – GET is simple to evaluate, just adding something to the address bar one can easily hack your project. We know that GET helps in pagination and permalinks, but when you use form submission, it is better to use POST.

  1. Sketch Before You Code

Getting into the wireframe of projects is a good practice. It is great to review the mechanics of your applications before you simply start coding. This can restrict the process of planning and can make you feel that everything you did is either wrong or you do not need them.

  1. Time to Know Your Project

How much of truly know your project in detail? The number will fluctuate from 5 to 6 out of 10. You cannot code a project unless you understand every details of it. If you do not understand what purpose the project needs to do and you need to execute it, will stop you from structuring the project.

  1. Love the Codes

How do you become a good developer – By reading about development methods, by watching someone developing ‘NO’ that is not the way. All you need to do is write the codes. Do not go and code something on which you do not have any interest. Rather build real things from which you can learn and feel interested.

Therefore, here goes a scoop of our ideas that our web and mobile development company prefers to use. We make our developers have a great interest in the projects concerned to bring out a real structure that can generate profitable ROI for clients.


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