Native, HTML5 or Hybrid – Exploring the Mobile App Development Options

WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Pocket, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, NetFlix, Pandora Radio, Google Now …. Phew… never knew that a mobile can carry so many apps and do not think the list ends here, there’s more, but we thought not to take a breath and begin our discussion.

Mobile apps are no less important like the hot coffee to kick-start your day. Mobile apps that serve various functionalities have changed the way we browse the web. From checking business-mails to draft a brochure, order an iPad Mini to download an eBook. Mobile can do it all with ease. And to download the apps we have various stores. However, the question is how developers built such great apps!

Well, when it comes to mobile app development, we have three main development models:

  • Native Apps
  • HTML5 Apps
  • Hybrid Apps

    Native App Development

    This is a specific mobile platform, which can development with their tools and languages. iOS or Android or Windows are Native platforms who use development tools and support languages such as Xcode, Swift, Objective-C for iOS apps, Eclipse and Java for Android app, Visual Studio and Xaml, C# for Windows apps. Native App Development maintains high level of app performance and high quality. They are not accessible on cross-platforms.

    HTML5 Apps Development

    HTML5 Mobile Apps development uses standard web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS that helps to make cross-platforms apps. A cross-app is one, which can run on different mobile platforms on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian and more. This also contains some vital limits to native features such as camera, calendar, geotagging and more.

    Hybrid Apps Development

    Hybrid as the name suggest is the fusion of native and HTML5 apps. We define hybrid as web apps, developed using HTML5 and JavaScript and wrapped inside the native container giving access to native platform features. PhoneGap is one such popular container that helps to create Hybrid Mobile Apps.

    At present, Unified Infotech have stressed on the development of Native iOS and Android Apps and PhoneGap application for their clients. We think to harness or rather give a try to cross-platform apps in the upcoming days.

    pic1Share your thoughts about the platforms and which one do you prefer over the other and why?

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