7 Tips to Stop Scaring Customer with Weird Website Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 Tips to Stop Scaring Customer with Weird Website Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lend your ears, and listen to those ghouls and boos, Halloween is just around the corner. It is time to break out from those normal attires to dress up spooky. Similarly, website too needs a revamp to target the best. We hope there are queue of customers around the corner asking designers to add Halloween moods to boost their sales pipeline.

We have been dealing with the concept of website designing and development at our designing den since a long time, but with Halloween, it is high time to unleash the creative spirits and run for some spooky and weird concepts defying the general laws of web design and development.
Defying laws! There we go… launch of a website with scattered errors and bugs. During the festive season, you want the website to run smoothly, but if you transverse from the path of right website design, it can cost a lot. We are aware that the use of Comic Sans is dreadful and even the use of GIFs should be least in the design, until it is funny and entertaining stop using them. Get rid of those odd “Blinking Texts”, unless you like to add for some websites to give customers a ghastly spasm.
“Trick or Treat” – what does the website is going to serve?
Determine it, and accordingly the web design trends should come up. Here in this infographic from Mint Leaf,you are going to learn about the use of Frankenstein font snobs, mouthy mummies, impatient pumpkins and spiders in website design and implement them in the right way. Get down to make the client website more a TREAT rather than turning it into a HAUNTED HOUSE.


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