Simple Rules UIPL Follow While Catering Mobile Website Design Services

Simple Rules UIPL Follow While Catering Mobile Website Design Services

Comscore has found in a recent survey that by the end of 2014, around 1.75 billion people will use Smartphones regularly. This means who will be the first adapt will reap the most benefits and would enjoy most success.

Your business must have the presence on all screen size not only computers you have to cater solutions, but also to Smartphones.


Here you will get six simple rules that will help you to know how UIPL provides mobile website design services

  1. We at UIPL know about the target audience of our clients, if we do not know we know in the gradual process of more communication. We suggest our clients to use the analytics to track the customer data when it comes to design mobile website. As at UIPL, we do not believe in the practice of “one-size-fits-all” concept. After getting that information from our client, it has become significant to us to build a site in a way that it would become most convenient to the large portion of audience.
  2. At UIPL, we make our clients aware that a mobile website and full website seldom have same functionality so we figure out what are their visitors mainly looking for and make sure that it becomes easily accessible. Often the customer look for simple contact information like phone, email so easy to tap screen would be viable option. Sometimes customer might seek for specific information such as booking or ordering options, so we keep things simple and easy to navigate and make sure we create a great mobile experience for client’s users.
  3. We believe in making everything simple so that your customer feels your website as easily navigable and does not bounce back. We suggest design for mobile website to our clients with larger buttons and links that can tap effortlessly. We make sure that there are no white spaces around links and buttons so that they do not end up getting into each other’s way when the users are trying to tap them.
  4. We believe in keeping design simple as we feel design are not to have a WOW factor only, but something more with easy navigation and usability. We help our client carefully plan the design to include important stuffs and keep the design clean and firm. We strive for simplicity at every step of development and maintain a clear distinction so that it does not become generic.
  5. We prefer to use single column layout option for the client’s mobile websites. As the users who are going to view, the website on mobile wants to experience easy navigation. It is annoying when you have to scroll through multiple columns to look for the needs. So ask client to stick to single column layouts for best results.
  6. We feel that missing social media integration is just taking out the fish out of water. This is great for the users if they get to find social share buttons on your website. If they find a piece of content interesting, they would like to share and this would allow you a lot more exposure. So how can you take a chance and risk your visibility?

Global mobiles users and their numbers are increasing daily. If you company wants to stay, relevant over the online world it must cater solutions to users’ needs. We prefer to make mobile friendly website designs to make user experience easy and seamless.


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