How to be a Socially Visible Doctor with Twitter

How to be a Socially Visible Doctor with Twitter

Many of the healthcare companies tired of engaging with social media. As there are so many social platforms, it becomes hard for the doctors to find out which one to use to foster their Medical Practice socially. In short, it is hard for the users to find which social media is reliable for them.


At our digital agency, we have been looking for the possible platforms that can drive better engagement for the medical website and give the doctors their desired online recognition. We rely on TWITTER to increase online presence, and help existing and potential patients perceive our clients as a better doctor.

Why we ask our clients who are doctors to use the Twitter? Well, there are three big reasons for which we prefer the use of Twitter to other social platforms for medical practitioners and their websites.

Just 140 Characters to Make You Popular

The faster social platform, 140 characters a simple micro blogging at a fixed time of the day, spending hardly 5 minutes and you are done. You can find all the latest news and current facts that too in live stream even catch up the updates of what people are saying about the current trends. Say for example during the EBOLA outbreak, Twitter users were able to keep a track what was happening across the globe in real-time with hashtags.

Twitter allows its users to “retweet” posts from other users, so if you are a doctor who is going to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Twitter and for instance if they post a tweet on lowering your chances of contracting EBOLA, you can retweet that original post for your followers. Retweets help you endorse someone else or a professional group.

The Digital Window for Your Profession

As a doctor if you share your professional ideas on Twitter, then you help the brand and increase their visibility on Internet. On Twitter, doctors can follow their patient and fellow practitioners and their blogs to find out what people say about their specialty and concerns.

Twitter is the platform to share ideas. It does not only allows a medical practitioner to tweet about any news that appears on his or her medical website or any specific medical issue, but allow the followers to reply their own ideas, questions and concerns as well.

Keep Tweeting Even if You Sleep

Doctors are busy and they have a quite large and demanding schedule. Spending time on social media may not come in their schedule. However with twitter you can Tweet even in sleep. HOW?

It is simple you just need to write the Tweets earlier and schedule them to be published at different times. If you are surgeon, you are going to spend most of the time in your operation room. Just take out a few minutes the night before and schedule tweets to publish while you are in the run to save lives.

If you still feel that, it is hard for you to look after the time management as you might have to be on wheels of stay stuck in heavy schedules you can cater your online reputation management to us. UIPL helps you give every opportunity to gain better online visibility and relax being productive on the other end.

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