CMS Website Design: 5 Trends Going to  Rule Year 2015

CMS Website Design: 5 Trends Going to Rule Year 2015

You might have used Drupal, WordPress or Tumblr or may be other CMS management system. Whatever you might have initiated with the beginning of the New Year as your next CMS project (a blog or an e-commerce or enterprise platforms) we suggest you check out the cool trends that is going to rule CMS website design in the year 2015.

Recollecting the past actions, we remember that back in 2013 people were more into the craze of social media than into blogging. Many say that we have moved past the blog and more likely enjoy a conversation on Twitter or on Instagram or on different mobile apps. That is not true, it is just deliberately provocative, the matter eludes us and in our opinion, we feel they misrepresented it over the digital world.

Rather with the launch of different CMSs, it has driven blog to other thing making it more interesting instead of leading to its demise. The technology is simple, and shaken off some complexities that made it tough for content creators to navigate. If you think to start a blog in 2015 or want to launch a large web project CMS can be the best option and a reliable platform to fetch your project success and recognition in the digital sphere.

As the best CMS website design service in India, UIPL provides some insights on the trends that are going to rule the CMS niche market. Here are the five coolest trends in which we belies as CMS trends for 2015.

Expect More Automated Content Sharing

Most of the CMS has the ability to share content across pages and multiple websites, which you can carry in a number of ways. As for example, you can manually pick contents and pull then into the different pages from other pages, individually selecting those pieces.


Typical example of automated content sharing are News and Events update on the Home page of any CMS website. The total time-saver feature that is going to help users to find relevant contents to share on their pages

Now Content Contributor Can Stay Transfixed On Content

As per the report published by Content Marketing Institute’s 2015,

  • 42% of all B2C (Business to Consumer) marketers publish new content either daily or multiple times a week.
  • 43% said that they are creating more content.
  • 26% said they are significantly creating more content over the next 12 months.


This statistics does not indicate that they are recruiting more staffs. To continue producing increased amount of fresh and original contents you have to empower your contributors to focus on content creation. You must not ask them to do your designer’s job and have them to do things like cross-browser testing. It is better to initiate automated smart content syndication. This will enable more CMS implementations that will help content contributors remove time-consuming tasks such as testing, content promotion, or styling of content. And it will allow them to focus on the actual production of the quality and targeted contents.

Seamless Integration between CMS and other Systems

Idea of COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) is going to rule the CMS niche market. If you have a single source for every piece of content to make sure that it retains freshness, reduces overhead and increases market speed. As a result, the CMS can communicate and integrate systems such as SaaS products, open source tools, social media channels, other enterprise applications, standalone databases, or homegrown systems and other CMSs.


Walking in the Shoes of Big Data

In the age of big data, it is of no surprise that it is going to have a huge impact on both anonymous visitors and known leads to a website. The challenge that big data faces until date is the monolith of data that does not spark any action in real term. If you cannot use of data to be productive, the nit is better to dump it. However, since late 2014 with the help of web marketing tools and an increased knowledge of analytics, marketers may ask to segregate their data thoroughly and to present their efforts in generating desired outcomes.


As organizations takes frequent decisions on the design, information and architecture and content strategies depending on the actionable data. If you truly want to know what is happening on your website, also why is it happening, then you need to look through the different segment of your target audience. Stop focusing so much on the total page view and look on the ways to analyze the behavior of marketing personas rather than talk about overall traffic.

Adding of New Approach to Accessibility and Usability

Web accessibility means that people must think about vision-impaired users. We know there are no shortages of accessibility checker in place to help us make web content consumable by users. However, accessibility and usability comes in many shapes. With the increase in exponential video and audio content, marketers also requires that even the hearing-impaired individuals can run it. Around 15% of the Americans have problem rather severe difficulties in reading. It is a major consideration besides, slow internet connection, mobile only users or neurologically challenged individuals. Poor content is also an accessibility issue. The accessibility has been a major concern for the marketers since the beginning. To have a more holistic approach in the approaching days it is essential to make content more consumable. And not just on the desktop the content must be snacky for any devices irrespective of mobile or desktop, this might include household appliances, car stereos, and wearable technologies.

If you prepare yourself to launch an ecommerce website service, then it is high time to use a CMS that will allow you to leverage digital body language and the data that you have collected and show your visitors. This will help you to gear content just to the targeted mass. As a result, this will improve visitor experience and will drive greater result in the year 2015.


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