Top 5 Essential Elements Every WordPress Website Must Have

Top 5 Essential Elements Every WordPress Website Must Have

It is necessary to have your own business irrespective of the size, scope or niche of your business. And when it comes to website design and development you look for the most reliable and flexible platform. In that case, WordPress is one such name that has taken the people to confidence for their ease of use, flexible nature and alteration.

developmentIf you do not have a website then you lower thechance of being discovered by the global audience lowers and you have to sink your business. We know that a well-designed website has the possibility to enable the small player to give a tough fight to the biggies in the market.

The market of the consumer is so competitive and an aptly designed website helps to increase the chances to overturn the market honchos and make an indispensable mark on the targets and finally converting them to loyal customers.

When you look for ecommerce website design services or a business website using WordPress, make sure the hired website design and development agency uses the following elements to let you bring a share of market pie, in not instilled in your website –


Let your visitor know what others feel about your business

  • Reserve some place on your website to display the customer reviews. You must host the best review there as it helps to influence the customers and their buying decisions. As per a study performed by BrightLocal, in 2012 more than 76 percent of the buyers’ decision was affected by those positive reviews. While in 2015, this number rose to 86 percent.

A single negative comments or review from your customers can destroy the repute of your brand. Therefore, your existing customers are major lead generators. You must either add a plugin where the customer can directly write a review on your website, include a third part review plugin such as Facebook, or yelp.

  • With the help of WordPress social plugins, you must spread the word about your business. The existing customers are the best brand advocates and the satisfied users will spread the word throughout. In order to make the task simple for the users to share their brand’s favorite product, which might include the social sharing buttons on the website? You can think about the publicity of you business that will attract customers. Business can also connect with consumer groups on profiles so it is important to include your social networks as well.
  • It is important to make your WordPress ecommerce website visually engaging and interactive. The images and videos will be of high quality and is surely going to take experiences to all new level and this delight the visitors.

As it is an ecommerce website, you must make sure to include high quality images of your products or videos giving a demo on how to use the product. This will help you to distinguish your business from the competitors and impart an edge to the business.

  • If the customers cannot come to the store, it is better to take your product right to their Smartphones. Many people are three who choose second part ecommerce support such as Etsy or Amazon, but it is yet another barrier to purchasing experience. The best option is to include a shopping cart in your ecommerce website and then integrate it with a third party payment gateway.
  • Keeping your website updated with fresh content helps to embrace the latest trends. Since people tend to work with those people who are more into action or live interest sharing. You must regularly update the home page. You must have a blog that establishes your thought leadership. This will help you to improve the search engine rankings in Google.

Therefore, before you make a purchase the consumer will want to get in touch with the back-end person. It is important to include the email id, chat box or a phone number that will appear prominently on the website and the social media pages.


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