iOS 9 App Development – All You Need to Know

iOS 9 App Development – All You Need to Know

iOS 9 the latest operating system from Apple launched on June 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. iOS 9 builds on the content introduced with iOS 7 and iOS 8, introducing refined designs, sharpened features, improved functions and performances as well.


So if you are looking for iOS 9 app development services then you need to what possibilities it has for the developers to get more room for improvement.

They focused high on intelligence and proactivity, allows device users to learn user habits and act on the secured information, opening apps before you need them. It makes desirable recommendations on places and guiding your daily routine to be present at the right time.

Siri has a major makeover, as this personal assistant is able to create contextual reminders. Simply swiping the left from the home screen introduces new “Siri Suggestions” bringing favorite contacts and apps just at your fingertips, with nearby restaurant locations and important news.

Now Siri comes with deep search capabilities such as sports scores, videos, and content from third-party apps. You can also make simple conversions and calculations using search tools on iPhone and iPad. Some of the in-built apps have improved. You will come across new checklists and sketching features in the Notes section. Maps are offering transit directions and Apple pay comes with the ability of store credit cards and loyalty cards. The mail allows file attachments and the News app helps to learn your interest and delivers relevant content that you might like to read. And the “passbook” is going to have the new name “Wallet”.

iPad is going to get new split-screen multitasking that will allow two apps to work at a time. You can watch a video as well as write a mail at the same time. As for swiping actions, now you can use two fingers to make easier gestures to select content, cut, paste, and move the cursor. With other introduced changes, you will get a new system wide San Francisco font, and wireless CarPlay support. It also has a new optional iCloud Drive app. The new operating system comes with built-in two-factor authentication and optional longer password for better security.

Apart from the new iOS 9 also has acquired under the hood performance to improve further. The optimization of battery provides an additional hour under typical conditions. The new Low Power Mode helps to extend the battery life to more than three hours.


The app has started thinning and improved in sizes. Most of the app install sizes are small and Apple’s own iOS updates takes up much space. Now iPhone and iPad with 16GB of space will be able to install iOS 9. It is also capable to run on devices that is capable to run iOS8, this includes device such as iPhone 4s and iPad 2. Have a look at the video to know more about iOS 9 –

iOS 9 is now available with the developers as it is going through the beta testing phase that will initiate in July and will come ahead for the launch in the Fall.

Unified Infotech steered the active iOS 8 application development in 2014, and this year our app developers are looking ahead for more possibilities in iOS 9 development. Will you like to hire our iOS app developers? Request us for a free consultation at


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