Streamlining the Payment Process in Your Ecommerce Websites to Convert More

Streamlining the Payment Process in Your Ecommerce Websites to Convert More

Online merchants are after increased conversions, that’s what business looks for PROFIT and more PROFIT every day. The first recourse to do so is no doubt SEO, to get more traffic and increase sales. There are also other ways to improve conversions. And a great place to focus is nothing but the checkout process.

If you are running an online shop whether a product based or a service based website, you need to have a site, your product/service and ready to start selling. But the excitement dies down quickly as we realize that despite more amount of traffic we receive the sales are not as high as you expected.

At our eCommerce website development in India, we have observed that often our customer overlooks the little things that can improve conversion rates and provide better results.


Let us be honest we know that you do not like to part away with your money so does not your customers. More barriers that come in the purchase process, transactions that are more incomplete will happen. You can do a common survey to find out how many customers have abandoned the purchase for a frustrated checkout process.

Let us take a quick look on the strategies that can make out your checkout process attractive and easily navigable –


It does not take much time to check out, the more likely your customer changes their mind about the purchase. Hence, to maximize your conversions, you must make sure that the checkout process is as efficient as possible.

You can allow customers to store their delivery details on your shop for future use removing the first hurdle or repeat purchase.


It is no more the desktop, which a customer prefers to login to a website. With the rise of the Smartphones, most of us are comfortable with the use of different screens. UK is the first adopter market, with 40% of online retail sales in the Q4 2014/2015 according to IMRG and Capgemini.

If you do not cater a favorable checkout process for different screens, you are shutting doors for a number of potential buyers, actually 85% buyers. Since today, most of the buyers have gone mobile.

Make sure that the shop optimized for all the devices desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. After the Google took to mobile friendly websites on April 21 to get a bigger advantage from the search engines it is no good to have mobile sites with a clunky payment process. Whether you use the payment form directly integrating into the shopping cart, or have gateway’s hosted payment form, the payment process should adapt perfectly to all devices.

Close-up of human hand holding plastic card in payment machine


Fewer the gateways and payment methods more you will require the customers to leave the website and complete the payment. If the redirection breaks up the flow of the checkout process, it may discourage the potential customers from purchasing.

You can solve this problem easily using an integrated gateway solution to keep your customer stick to the website throughout the payment process. Even you can use a gateway that allows you to style its hosted payment page to look like your own shop.


Even if you find that the target market is composed of card users, you still need to think about currency. Give away an option to your customer to pay in his or her own currency. This is a reassurance of knowing how much they are about to spend. Many conversion providers provide you with a referral fee for any type of currency conversion transactions.

As a website development company in India, we laid a few step and make sure that we integrate it with our e-commerce website to provide more user-friendly design compatible across all screens.

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