What Mobile App Developers Must Know About iOS 9?

What Mobile App Developers Must Know About iOS 9?

It is crucial for the app developers to turn proactive about the release of the iOS apps and, since iOS9 is just around the corner. They have to understand the security possible in terms of app thinning and make the most room for improvements that will help to enhance the user experience.

Here’s what the app developers must look into iOS 9 –

Look Into The Default SSL Support

HTTPS will come by default in iOS9 and as a developer, your first order of business should make sure that your application and backend servers fully support them. For applications built with Xcode 7, iOS 9 will block all non-SSL (HTTP) connections and will opt for the insecure domains one by one.

Apple has been taking drastic measures by enforcing some of the best practices in order to grow secure communication. Apple defines some of the best practices that iOS app development services can pick up, such as –


  • Use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol version 1.2
  • Ciphers that provide forward secrecy
  • SHA256 or better signing algorithm with a 2048 bit or large RSA key or a 256 bit or greater Elliptic-Curve (ECC) key

A good way to check the backend is to support all requirements and use Qualys SSL Server Test

Unless the backend complies with the Apple’s SSL requirements, applications built with Xcode 7 will lose their ability to interact with the backend.

Note: These requirements are not going to enforce on existing applications in the App Store

App Thinning

It means that you can reduce the size of your applications considerably and it comes into three parts –

  • Slicing– The optimization of the app store occurs automatically. You will find that the developer uploaded app bundle automatically converts into multiple variants suitable for different devices.
  • On-Demand Resources – The streamlined API helps to divide and download an application’s resources on demand. A certain set of images and sound files will download from the application after a user completes in-app purchase to unlock these features.
  • Bitcode – It reduces the work developers have to do to support new platforms. This allows the app store to recompile the code automatically to support new devices.

Safari View Controller

The process to write miniature browsers and apply content within an app is going away with the advent of iOS 9. All credit goes to the Safari View Controller that allows Safari to show the web pages. This will be easy for developers and will create a better user experience for the shared cookie. The user does not need to wait for re-login when browsing, but their privacy and security will still be maintaining.

Getting Along with App Content Search

If we see from a user perspective you will find that expose of Core Spotlight API to third party apps will make iOS Spotlight grow smarter. If we see from the standpoint of a developer, the searchable app content will increase user engagement, as Safari search results may link users to the content deep within third-party apps.

Gaming Improvements Across Multiple Channels

In iOS8, Apple added Metal to add a huge boost to the mobile game performance. With the launch of the new iOS platform, you will find that the make gaming development had become easier. You can check out with GameplayKit, Model I/O, and ReplayKit, the new kids on the stack. Game developers embark on new technology to grab more benefit from them.

Therefore, with the launch of iOS9 we can expect many enhancements to user experience and security and will go along to ensure improved user experience. It will not come at a high development price so bring up the speed in your iOS environment with new features.

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