Magento Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Tips for 2015

Magento Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Tips for 2015

Back to school shopping is much behind and we are now approaching the holiday season. So have you geared up your online store with the new trends this year? It is time for the retailers to start preparing for the holidays shoppers. With the 14 percent increase in sales in the ecommerce industry this year, the growth shoots up.


Above the growth, consumer expectations and behavior pattern of the shoppers that keep on continuously shifting to create an even more complex puzzle to solve.

So what is going to fuel these dynamics? We have dove deeper into the data and found out three emerging trends that will be able to facilitate the growth and behavioral changes that retailers should consider in their holiday planning.

Here are some tips to improve the ecommerce shop, which you run on a Magento platform. Our ecommerce web development company will help you to utilize them with a profitable store design

  • Growth of the Mobile Shares

For the first time ever, we have witnessed mobile traffic exceeded desktop on Thanksgiving 2014, and it has reached 52.1%.

  • Improved payments and Delivery-Fulfillment Options

You must find out easy checkouts were you could note 50% of US digital shoppers who acts as a main factor that would cause them to spend more of their shopping budget on mobile. Consumers will love the convenience for in-store pick up with more than 42%of eBay Enterprise clients seeing big increase in 2014 in store fulfillment.

  • Raised Dominance of Search and Email as Main Traffic Drivers

In 2014 Thanksgiving Weekend, we have seen that email was by far the primary marketing channel driving eCommerce orders. It accounted more than 23.1% of all orders. Well, the total search remains the key traffic driver, with more than 38.5% of online transactions originating from organic or paid search.

You need to understand the implications of the ecommerce trends and not only address them in the right manner, but you must embrace then in your 2015 holiday planning to position your success this season.


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