Online Shopping is the Buzz in the Upcoming Holidays

Online Shopping is the Buzz in the Upcoming Holidays

Going back to the year 2014 the holiday session has started as early as Halloween. With the holiday creep slowly getting in, we are ready for the moments, when they still matter. To help you prepare, Google will help you to put together the data and research from 2014 holiday season that will enlighten you up as you can witness the potential growth in your customer base.

Holiday is here – see the rise in customer base – it is just amazing!

The most connected holiday shopping season ensues from the fall season. Shoppers in 2014 have reported that 78 percent users have used the internet to do research before buying a product or service in the holidays compared to last year. Among them 29 percent relied on friends and relative or colleagues straight from 2013. Moreover, we noticed that 40 percent of the holiday shopping happens online.

Large shopping from small screens

Well, as an ecommnerce web development company in India have seen that that big money has been spent in 2014 through small screen. With the smartphone revolution people has shifted their web usability from desktop to Smartphones and tablets. People searched and purchased via Smartphones in many of those I WANT TO BUY moments throughout. Last year $1 trillion of all the retail sales that took place online were influenced by shopping related searches. And 53% of those who did shopping online used their Smartphones or tablets from 41 percent more they did last year.

Holiday shopping commenced earlier

Rather than waiting for a single sale day the shopper began to start shopping before Halloween. Nearly half of the most of their shopping took place or prior to Cyber Monday. Most of the holiday shoppers say around 48 percent said that they did the majority of their shopping on or before Cyber Monday. It was 40 percent more than the shopper’s hybrid engagement in 2013. When asked and surveyed we saw that 1/4th of the shopper did shopping before Halloween.

Coupled the brand loyalty

Consumers are always open to change so they look for new possibilities with online branding and retail stores. We have seen that half of the respondents were open to buy from a new retailer. Well, 41 percent of the consumer bought products and services from a new retailer compared to what they did in 2013.

Videos had a great influence

Holiday shoppers prefer to turn to YouTube videos to get along with the review of the products from the experts before investing their hard-earned money. The people who watched online videos to help with holiday shopping were 80 percent with reviews and ratings.

View this Slideshare to know more:

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