Hey- That’s A Wrong Way to Put up Responsive Web Design

Hey- That’s A Wrong Way to Put up Responsive Web Design

The biggest challenge that the designers face today is to create a responsive web design. And to make things worse, it is difficult to analyze the right approach to do it.

The big problem associated with the responsive web design is planning and facing the challenge to become overwhelmed with the plethora of programs that developers come across. The responsive web design services are evolving so choosing the appropriate one is one of the best tricks ever. What may have been the best way to do enable responsive web design is now obsolete. This process is on the continuous path of development.


So here are some of the blunders that you must always avoid to keep your responsive website look perfect from all angles.

The website must not enable the zoom option

If you think that you use “user-scalable=no”>”? in your design then you are mistaken to have cracked the responsive code. Not allowing the zoom option and taking off controls of the users is one of the bad approaches as it makes your user feel that you have despised them.

Do not know what does your user wants

With the growth of the mobile space, most of us tend to ignore the behavior of the customer. It is only analyzing the crucial inputs that we can enable the design process to add more revenue to the stream. Analysis reveals the most frequently performed operations and the devices that are mostly used by people.

Single program for different designs

There are companies that take a step forward to create all-in-one software for designing. But the issue is that it is not an appropriate solution. The mobile platforms deserve special attention. When you work on iOS platforms the developers need to concentrate on Cocoa and Xcode to build a website from scratch, but that does not mean you are going to use the same platform for all.

Neglecting the navigation issues

If you are having more than three items in your menu bar, it is wise option to have a drop-down menu facility. You must not fit them all on the screen. Make sure that while building a mobile site with a layout; it should be based on the icon-menu.

You do not test your object

Testing is one of the most important aspects that you must take care of before you make the sites public. There are a number of designers and programmers who make responsive websites live without enough testing. You should test the user flows on the website for some of the main browsers along with some of the popular mobile devices as well.

As a part of the developer’s team of Unified Infotech, we make sure to provide responsive sites that offer great aptitude for businesses. As the things are changing constantly, we make sure that our development team remains competent and flexible enough to keep their head high in the competition.


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