Essential Tips for E commerce Web Development

Essential Tips for E commerce Web Development

The concept of visiting a traditional brick and mortar store is now replaced by online shopping in this digital era. In the modern world, the term e-commerce has gained recognition everywhere. From a store selling mobile phones to a person selling flowers, you will find a website for everything. According to a report released by Morgan Stanley, by the year 2020, the share of the e-commerce industry will rise to $137 billion from $11 billion in 2013. Hence, there is no wonder that most of the business stores today have decided to go online and with this, the concept of web development has arrived.

Any big organization today hires an ecommerce web development company in order to give its users the maximum experience while browsing the website. One of the interesting fact about an e commerce website is that the way a website is maintained is responsible for the sale of its products. This blog will give you an outlook about the key points to remember while developing an e commerce website.


Product information

For any business, it’s products are the most important thing. When you upload the image of a product on a website for sale, you must describe it’s features. For instance: if you have a website that sells apparels, then it is important to mention the size, colour and most importantly how to take care of the particular apparel. Do not forget to mention shipping or return policies so that a customer does not keep looking around for information.

Multiple payment options

Everyone does not have a credit card. Few might also like to make payment via Paypal or through Am Ex card. Providing a multiple number of payment options make it easier for the customer to shop for the products online.

Contact information

In e-commerce there is less chance of physically verifying the product. Customers do not get the opportunity to test the look and feel of the product. Hence, contact information plays a vital role here. Include phone numbers, email address, fax and keep an option for chat so that customers can contact you in case of any product discrepancy. Remember, the more expensive your product is, the more there will be a possibility of customer enquiry.

Check out process

Once the customer decides the product or products, he wants to purchase, he wants an easier check out process. Always make the payment process less cumbersome. For instance: once an order is placed, there can be four options of checking the order, entering the credit or debit card information and finally a confirmation page showing the successful placing of an order.

Site search

Imagine you are searching for your favorite top and are unable to search it on a website, isn’t that irritating? There are times when we shift to other websites when we do not get the desired products we are searching for in the “Site search” option of any e-commerce website. As an ecommerce website development company in India, it is mandatory to take care that your site filters out the exact result, the customer searches for. You can do this by installing plug ins or softwares.


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