Serve Your Platter with these iPad Food Apps

Serve Your Platter with these iPad Food Apps

The festive season has already reached its crescendo. As the ‘Festival of Lights’ is approaching, everybody is gearing up for celebrations with their near and dear ones. While most of us have plans to have dine outside, you can change this plan and instead impress your friends and families with these amazing food apps from iPad. Even if you are not an expert cook, these apps will surely help you to learn how to master the art of cooking.

With the help of iPad app development, Apple is now helping all its users to serve their hungry pans with some delicious dishes that will leave anybody licking their fingers. Here, we present the different kinds of iPad food apps which you can install today and have a delicious festive season.


Veggie Weekend Healthy Vegan

veggie weakend

Prepare a sumptuous Palak Paneer recipe with the Veggie Weekend Healthy Vegan App. You can get access to almost 18 recipies at a time. The app will give you a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the best vegetarian recipe. It also gives the user an idea about the dish and the ingredients to be used in preparing it. What’s more interesting is, the app is absolutely free.

Dinner Spinner


This app will train you to prepare new recipes with the help of videos. You can click any one of them and learn to prepare a new recipe every day. The app cooking timer keeps a count on the amount of time you take to cook. The seasonal recipes will always keep you busy with the new and updated dishes. If you are a food connoisseur, then this app is a must to install app in your iPad.

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List


This is one of the most popular cooking app. With downloads of more than 10 million , the app keeps updating itself with interesting stuff. You can take help of the Apple Watch Support to keep an eye over the time. Recently, the app has changed its look that makes it more appealing.

Cook on Apps Store


Whether you want to share your recipe ideas or store them, Cook for iPad allows you to do so with the help of the digital cookbook. The best part of the book is that you can modify the look of the book starting from the font size to colour at anytime. The interface of the app is such that it makes you feel as if you are publishing your own cooking book.

Sara Jenkins’ New Italian Pantry

new italian pantry

Famous New York Chef, Sara Jenkins will tell you how to prepare the best Italian food. With more than 80 recipes, the app instructs you on how much amount of ingredients are to be used for preparing a particular dish. The look of the app is what sets it apart from any other kind of iOS app. Moreover, a number of videos are available that will show you how the perfect Italian dish is prepared.

So hurry up, install these amazing iPad food apps and prepare sumptuous dishes.


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