Mobile Application Development: What are the latest trends?

Mobile Application Development: What are the latest trends?

Today more than 6.8 billion people use mobile phones all over the world. This small device has become an integral part of our life and has undergone a number of changes since the time of its invention. There are mobile application developers who constantly work to make it more user-friendly. Everyday, a new app comes in the market. Now-a-days, there is an app for every purpose like a health app that keeps you updated about your health and a musical app that lets you record your own voice along with sound.

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For a mobile app developer it is necessary to stay abreast about the recent updates about the trends that are moving the industry. These trends help them to develop an app depending upon the preferences of the users.

Let us take a look at some of the trends that are shaping the mobile industry.

A New Revolution

The demand for mobile apps is developing day by day. In 2015, the primary task of the mobile app developers would be to reduce the gap between developing and releasing it in the market. For implementing this, many frameworks as well as development tools have been adopted. The challenge lies with the developers whose purpose will be to develop the app as soon as possible.

Cloud Technology Is In

Today, a multiple number of mobile devices have come in the market. Whatever an app is developed, it is necessary to synchronize it with the device where it is to be used. Here comes the role of Cloud technology. Cloud will easily help the developer to set a function where in a mobile app can be used across various mobile operating platforms.

Wearable Device Is King

In the last one year, a massive change has taken place as far as the Wearable devices are concerned, For instance: In 2014, wearable devices mostly dominated the fitness industry, but in 2015 it is the fashion and textile industry that has been captured. Now, this gives an indication that mobile developers might focus more on wearable devices from Smartphones.

More Focus On M-Commerce And Mobile Payments

The world is currently moving towards M-Commerce. Now-a-days, it becomes more convenient for a person to make payment through mobile rather than through a Debit or Credit card. It is expected that with new payment platforms like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, consumers will opt for easier payment modes. Hence, mobile app developers can make an app even without keeping the option for Debit or Credit cards.

Mobile Games

These days, multi-player games are the talk of the town. It is expected that with the online presence of this game on social media, more and more of games will run on cloud technology. Hence, developers will be required to focus more on the mobile apps.

Improved Wi-Fi services

With the invent of Beacon technology, Wi-Fi has found a new meaning. Even Apple has adapted this technology by the name of iBeacons to take help of advance internet technology. Apart from offering high-speed internet services, Beacon also helps in tracking the location. Hence, a businessman can track his or her customers by identifying their location. This new Wi-Fi technology works best with mobile phones, therefore, here lies a greater opportunity for developers to build mobile apps according to the specific requirement of their customer.


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