Don’t Ignore These Points While Planning a Website Redesign?

Don’t Ignore These Points While Planning a Website Redesign?

You started your website few years ago. The first few years were fantastic and you made big money from it, but over the last few years, the traffic to your website has not only destroyed the reputation of your website in the search engine, but you have also lost traffic that has dropped down your revenue. Now, you are planning to redesign your website in order to keep up with the latest industry trends.

Anybody can face the problem stated above and the very first thing that comes to one’s mind is redesign the website. A company that offers website redesign services is the ultimate option to a person who is planning to give a makeover to the website, but there are some points that one must keep in mind while redesigning a website. Let us take a look at them.


Reason For Redesign

Do you want to make a user-friendly website by adding a blog section to give information about the products or services that your business deals in? or do you want to make it more accessible to the users from the search engine point of view. You must list down the important points first and have a clear idea about the objective for which you want to redesign. Always keep in mind that your website should exhibit your company’s motto and the kind of business you are in.

Changes in web address

There are various questions that might arise in one’s mind while it comes to a websites’s redesign, but one of the most common ones is changing it’s URL. For instance: You might want to put files in a folder and want to modify the names of few web pages so that it describes your content in a precise and clear manner. Doing this, might not be an intelligent option because if the website of your reputation is already ranked low by Google, then making changes can further damage its reputation. Instead, you can redirect requests from your existing website URL to your new URL.

Changes in CSS file

If you really want to change the appearance of your website, then make changes in the Cascading Style Sheets only. You do not have to make any other major changes here. However, if you think that further changes are important, then seek the advice of a professional web designer.

Website Backup

Do not forget to keep a backup of all the important files in your website or else you may be in a big trouble. For instance: if you are not happy with the present design of your website and replace it with another design without backup, then you might loose the previous design if you want to reload the website for the time being.

Determining the website visitors

It is true that redesigning your website can either increase or decrease traffic to your website. Well, in order to determine this, you can monitor the web statistics and understand the amount of time spent by the visitors. It is only after then, you can take a decision to incorporate changes to your website.

Redesigning a website requires a lot of thinking as it is dependent on multiple factors. Making one wrong change can put you in a risk. Consult a professional who has years of experience in web redesigning.

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