5 Brilliant Android App Features That are Better Than iPhone

5 Brilliant Android App Features That are Better Than iPhone

Finally, there is something, which is going to bring smile on the face of all those android users who have been thinking that an iPhone is better than an Android and those who have been thinking to change their android phone for a long time. In an Android phone, you might come across features such as free turn-by-turn navigation or pull down notifications that might not come in an iPhone, but if these features can be added in an iPhone, then what are the features of an android phone that makes it even better than an iPhone?

ANDROIDWell, we are here to discuss five brilliant android features, which you will never find in an iPhone. Android app development company over the years have tried to come out with some unique features. Now it’s time to have a look at them and feel proud as an Android owner.

Feature 1: Typing Is Fun With Alternate Keyboards

A number of options for keyboards such as SwiftKey and 8pen make it convenient and easier for users to type text easily. For instance: Whenever you start typing with 8 pen, it takes into account the mostly used characters and types it without wasting your precious time. Even in iPhone this is possible, but for that you need to open a different app and import the text you want to type, whereas in an android phone you don’t have to make so much efforts.

Feature 2: Personalize Your Phone with Automation

You are on a date with your better half and suddenly that unwanted call from your boss comes up, you want to text your dad after you had a long journey or you want to put your phone in silent mode. What if all these features are updated automatically? Yes, an android phone enables you to do that with the help of Android Application Tasker. Would you get this feature in an iPhone? No way. Hence, you can personalize your android phone whenever you want it

Feature 3: Organize Yourself with Widget

What if you had a widget on your mobile phone screen, that showed you the ‘Task to do’ list? Wouldn’t that be awesome? An Android phone even allows you to do that. You can install the to –do list widget and organize your tasks for the day. Whenever you unlock your phone, a tiny pop up of the widget opens up showing you the important tasks that you need to do on a particular day.

Feature 4: Install Apps without Internet

If you want to install an app in an iPhone, then you have to visit iTunes, download the specific app and then use it, but in an Android Phone you don’t have to do so much. Just tap the ‘Install’ button and you can enjoy using the app the next time you open the phone.

Feature 5: Say ‘Hello’ with True App Integration

If you want to make Google Voice Calls through iPhone, then you can do it, but first you have to manually visit the voicemail apps and then make the call. In case of Android, you don’t have to manually go through the app, that’s because the Google Voice Call is connected to your phone’s operating system and you can make the call from the phone’s dialer itself.


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