E-commerce Web Development – Everything You Wanted To Know About Push Notifications

E-commerce Web Development – Everything You Wanted To Know About Push Notifications

It’s great that you get thousands of visitors to your website every month. Your page views keep on increasing, but at the end of the day all that matters top you is how much revenue did you earn because that is the ultimate purpose of every website. If you are not able to convert your visitors to full-time customers then you lose out a lot on the business front. Once you successfully convert the visitors to customers, then starts the most important job of following them, so that they keep coming to your website.

One of the ways, through which you can keep your customers coming to your website is push notification. According to a survey, 70% of the customers find push notifications useful as it keeps them updated about a particular product. It is also one of the marketing tools used by an e-commerce web development company to promote a website.

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Here, we will let you know all the important things about push notification


A Push notification let’s all the subscribers of your website about the latest offers and happenings in your website. For instance: if you are an online electronic store, then every time a new gadget comes in the store, a push notification is dropped in the mail box of that customer who has earlier arrived in your website. It keeps him or her updated about any attractive offers or new gadget arrivals. Hence, it can be said that it is also one kind of marketing tool that lets your customers know about your products or services.

A push notification can be sent, either through SMS in a mobile phone or can also be sent to a customer in his or her mailbox.


A push notification can be sent both in a mobile phone or can be dropped at your e-mail address. Whenever you open a website through a mobile phone, it asks for your permission and hence you get the notifications. However, things work differently when you access the same website through your computer.

  1. As soon as the visitor opens your website, an opt-in box opens. Once he clicks on the ‘Allow’ option, he adds himself to the subscriber’s list.
  2. Now, your visitor has become a subscriber and you can send him push notifications regarding any new launch of your product or services. The interesting part is that even if he has not opened your website, he will still keep on receiving the notifications without opening any new tab.


Imagine two push notifications in your email that says, ‘We are offering discounts,’ whereas the other says, ‘Only 2 days left to avail 50% off on all our products.’ The second notification always triggers a response in a person’s mind and he or she will be eager to know about the offer. Hence, a good notification with a crisp and attractive copy is one way to optimize push notification.

The next thing to keep in mind is to give a clear message to the customers. When you ask a question like, ‘Did you try Vero Moda’s new dress?’ the question does not clearly push the customers in comparison to a statement that says, ‘This Vero Moda dress will make men go weak under your knees.’ Hence, clarity in communication is the key.


Push notifications highly engage your customers to your website, but do not irritate the customers by sending them lot of notifications. Keep a track on your customers by checking the click rates, time spent on page and the bounce rates of your website.


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