4 Simple Ways To Select The Technology For Your Web Application

4 Simple Ways To Select The Technology For Your Web Application

Every time you get a new client, you get confused about the technology that you are going to use this time for developing the web application. A wrong decision about a design can make you repent while a good design about choosing an expert technology for your web application can help you reap the benefits for a long time. Moreover, it will also provide a lot of benefits to your organization such as save the time of coders, develop the quality of projects and a better ROI for all your clients.


Developers in a web application development company might stumble while coming across a client who requires a good technology for his or her company. Here, we present the four simplest ways to select the technology for your web application.

  1. It is first necessary to understand the problems faced by your customer. You will not be able to solve their problem until and unless you give them a solution. Hence, it is important to study their weak points and then work on them.
  2. You should be aware of the type of solutions that you are providing to your customers. If you are using a complex module, then break it further into independent groups and modules, which are interactive. Moreover, have a design that shows the relationship of all the modules with each other.
  3. Recognize what type of solutions you want to offer. Once you have zeroed in on the solutions, prepare core modules that will solve the purpose. The core modules will help you to identify your requirements and accordingly get solutions. For instance: if you see that your requirements are either related to product transactions or a marketplace, then it is an E-Commerce project, in case of content delivery it is a CMS solution and in case of computing or data processing, then it is related to the basic framework.
  4. In the previous point, after you identify the core modules, do an online research about them on the internet. Search the popular technology of web applications on websites like StackOverflow and Programmers Stack Exchange. While choosing the technology, make sure that that it has plugins and extensions. If you are not able to choose any technology, then it is advisable to select any other technology that solves all your core requirements. The benefit of doing it is that it reduces the coding requirements.

Some Web Platforms With The Best Technology

In order to make things easier, we have listed for you some of the best platforms and the technology that are used

For CMS – Merengue and WordPress.

For E-Commerce – Oscar, Zencart, Magento.

For LMS – SCORM and Drupal.

Choosing a basic framework is always the best option if you do not find a proper technology for your web platform. When you choose the best technology, it not only saves time, but also helps you to estimate better for your project costs. A developer always looks for smart tools to make a good website and with the best technology you will always get the best results.


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