Web Application: How does it work?

Web Application: How does it work?

Every day, we open one or the other web browsers for our personal or business purposes. All these browsers work depending on the web applications. A web application can be called as the backbone of a website without which the website won’t work properly. There is a lot of interesting architectural IT framework that goes behind the working of a web application.

Gone are the days, when a website was all about text and static images. Since the evolution of the internet, many developments have taken place. More programming languages have come into use and more modern frameworks are being used thus making the world wide web a more technologically advanced place.

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A website with dynamic content can be edited in accordance with the preferences of the users. Moreover, with the help of client-side scripts, one can also change the interface of the web browser. There is a lot of work that goes behind developing a website and one of them is a web application. While most of us are aware of what a web application is all about, but how many of us know about what goes behind or how does it work? Well, we will explain to you step-by-step how a web application development company develops a web application?

So, let’s get started

How Does A Web Application Work?

Step – 1: The web browser requests to open a dynamic page.

Step – 2: The server searches the page. Once it finds the page, it is passed to the application server.

Step – 3: Once the page opens, the web application scans the page for instructions.

Step – 4: The web application sends the page to the web server.

Step – 5: The web server then sends the finished page to the web server.

Well, this doesn’t end here, there are web servers and application servers that play a major role. It is, therefore, necessary to know about them.

What Is A Web Server And How Is It Helpful?

It is a software that sends files after receiving requests from a web browser. It is also known as HTTP. Every company requires a web server, for this, they hire a company that offers web hosting services. Different types of web servers are available on the internet. If you are someone who uses Windows operating system, then you can download and install the same and use it for web development purposes. Pages that supports ASP.NET work with only one web server.

What Is A Application Server And How Is It Helpful?

It is a software that helps web pages with server-side scripts to process a web server. There are a number of application servers and it depends on your budget which technology you want to use for your server.

A web application is like a fuel which is used in a car. Just as a fuel keeps a car running, in the same way, a web application keeps the website alive. Developers constantly work towards making it more advance in order to give people a good user experience while he or she visits a website.


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