How to develop an iOS Application with X code?

How to develop an iOS Application with X code?

Xcode is a major breakthrough for iOS. It includes everything that you require in an updated gadget like an iPhone from Apple. Till date, it has helped Apple to create a number of interesting apps for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac. Reading and writing a code becomes much easier with X code. You can now make use of new APIs, create interactive documents with the help of embedded resources and also add text comments.

X code plays an important role in developing an iOS application development. It helps to build a basic user interface. Once you get to learn how to work with a Xcode, then you will learn how to create a project in Xcode, run an app in the stimulator and can also watch a storyboard user interface with the help of Assistant Editor.


Developing an app with Xcode

Once you download Xcode, follow the steps mentioned below in order start developing the app

Step – 1: Open the application and select ‘Create new project’

Step – 2: Go to iOS and select ‘Application’

Step – 3: Click ‘Single View application’ and select ‘Next’

Step – 4: Assign a name to the app without any spaces

Step – 5: Pick any of the Directory and click ‘Save’

Once you do all these five steps, a new window will be opened by Xcode. You will come across a number of folders; select that folder where you find the name you had assigned to the file while saving it. The recent version of Xcode provides you two options for designing. Remember, if you are using a classic format, then you are creating a single app and, on the other hand, increase the number of views.

The .h and .m files are the abbreviation for the header and implementation code. You will come across these file formats while you write Objective-C variables and functions which are necessary for your app.

Testing an app with Xcode

With the help of The Test Navigator, one can test any of the projects; do an individual as well as a group of tests. On the other hand, ‘The Assistant Editor,’ enables you to automatically track the code in order to synchronize the test and code at different times.

Not only this, Xcode has a unique ability to integrate with the OS X server in order to make constant integration bots, which informs you, on when and how to analyze, test and build your project.

In order to keep competition with the Smartphone companies, even Apple is going an extra mile to promote and develop its products whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or a Mac book. With added features, comes an extra benefit that users would always like to make use of. Xcode acts as a catalyst in developing an iOS app, which makes it unique from all its competitor’s product.

While an iPhone might appear as a small device, but its functionality and usability make it the most widely used gadget all over the world.


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