Progressive Web Applications – A New Name in Web Development

Progressive Web Applications – A New Name in Web Development

Recently, Flipkart launched FlipKart Lite, a progressive web application, which comes loaded with many advanced features such as ServiceWorkers, Web Manifest, Client-side app and Hardware API. This web application is all set to change the lives of mobile users.

If the discovery of internet has brought a revolution in the lives of people all over the world, the invention of a progressive web application will bring more changes. Life will be faster than ever as this application comes with a host of convenient features that are designed for people of the upcoming generation.


Web development firms have gone a step ahead and have come out with apps that are easy-to-use. Let us now see what is a progressive web app development all about and what are the benefits that it offers to your business

What Is A Progressive Web Application?

A Progressive Web Application is something that makes use of advanced web technology that enables a user to get access to the content of a web page irrespective of the platform or device that is used in accessing the page.

How Can A Progressive Web Application Help?

A progressive web application increases the speed as well as the functionality of your web apps, but how does it happen? Well, there are two very important functions that work at ye backend – Service Workers and Application Shell Structure.

Service Workers

Service Workers improves the performance of a web app by making the websites open even without internet. This is done by intercepting all network requests into cached responses. Moreover, developers can also take the help of an API to increase the performance of a web app by caching the User Interface and the common resources, when a particular web page loads.

There are two kinds of API, which are used in Service Workers. They are Fetch API and Cache API. While a Fetch API makes network requests and returns to the pages that are controlled, on the other hand, a Cache API saves the fetched responses and redirect them to the same source when requested again.

Application Shell Structure

It is a modern kind of web application architecture that leverages the ‘service worker’ in order to cache an application if the content comes from the network itself. While using Application Shell Structure, remember that your User Interface consists of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. You will get the inline DOM and styles from the application index file whereas the rest of them will be available in stylesheets and external scripts.

A static web app might display dynamic content but at the same time, it should also fetch the requirement of the user. In that case, the data can come from the network or a server side API.

A progressive web application has brought a new phase in the web development by enabling users to access any kind of web application without an online support. This is a great development in the world of technology and will certainly make it easier for people to make use of web applications.


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