5 Convenient E-Commerce Platforms for Small Ventures

5 Convenient E-Commerce Platforms for Small Ventures

Not all entrepreneurs have a funding agency or have the necessary capital to start a business and when it comes to online business, the cost increases manifold. However, there are some platforms, which can easily help anybody to start a website without incurring much expenditure.

The internet is growing bigger and bigger today with the emergence of a number of big as well as small business ventures. In this digital world, it is necessary to have a strong online presence along with a website that grabs the attention of the customers. Well, when it comes to small business you might not have the necessary resources at the beginning, but these 5 e-commerce platforms will help you to maintain the website of your small venture. You do not need to hire an e-commerce web development company to maintain your website. Checkout these wonderful e-commerce platforms for small businesses below.

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  1. CommerceHub – To Find Suppliers Easily

When you start your online business for the first time, it becomes very difficult to find suppliers as you are new in the market and nobody wants to supply you without knowing your company’s background. CommerceHub helps to find you, suppliers, very easily. It finds wholesale suppliers for you and connects them to you, thus helping you to channelize your products through small online stores. Moreover, it also manages all your purchase orders, the shipping process, and the returns. You can connect with CommerceHub here.

  1. Symphony Commerce – To Manage The IT Aspects

Storefront Management, Shipping, Order fulfillment, and Marketing, these are the vital elements that keep an e-commerce company running. In order to manage them, you need to hire an IT team, which in itself is a pretty cumbersome process. Moreover, you also need to have a good designer who can take care of the responsive web design. Well, all these things are taken care by Symphony Commerce. It manages all your IT requirements by helping your business to thrive in the market. You can connect with Symphony Commerce here.

  1. PayStand – To Make Payments Easier

In order to make the process of payment easier, PayStand is the ultimate platform if you have a small online venture. With interesting features like web design, fixed monthly costs, multiple payment options and automatic generation of social links, PayStand can make your business ready for accepting any kind of online payment within few minutes. Hence, it saves you about 75% of business expenses. You can connect with PayStand here.

  1. Vee24 – To Assist Your Customers 24/7

Vee24 enables your customer to connect with you via a phone call or through a video chat. Your customers can get instant assistance regarding any product query or complaints through VeeStudio, VeeChat and VeeKiosk (the three customer service platforms offered by Vee24). Customers can get their query solved within 24 hours. Hence, you can cut down the cost of hiring customer care executives with Vee24. You can connect with Vee24 here.

  1. Shopify – To Sell Your Products Online Easily

Shopify takes care of all your e-commerce website requirements. More than 100 website design options are present here and you can customize the requirements of your website according to the products and services that your website offers. You can connect with Shopify here.

Setting up an online business becomes a big risk if you do not have the right kind of resources. There are many players already existing in the market who are ready to overtake you at any time. With the help of these five e-commerce platforms, you can set up your small business online without spending much.


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