How Responsive Web Design Will Shape 2016?

How Responsive Web Design Will Shape 2016?

A responsive web design makes the task of viewing content easy and interactive by making it compatible with any kind of device whether it’s a Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop or a 4H HDTV. It takes into consideration all the features of a device and makes the content worth viewing in a device.

The benefit that a responsive web design offers to a web developer is enormous. It makes use of grids and other measurements in order to determine the proper placing of content in a specific web page. Many times when we come across web pages that do not fit in the window of our system or device we tend to exit the particular website, but with the help of a responsive web design, one can easily solve this problem. Over the years, it has helped websites to develop their layout and will continue to do the same even in 2016.

So, let us see why will responsive web design continue to keep its visitors engaged next year.

Because People Love to Have The Best Mobile Browsing Experience

Do you know that in the year 2015, 52.7% accessed the internet through their mobile phones? and it is expected that the figure will go up by more than 10% in the coming years. Isn’t this a reason for you to make your website mobile responsive? Well, the growing internet penetration is taking over the world in its clutches. People are more mobile dependent these days whether it is about paying the grocery bill, paying rent, online shopping or transferring money.

Hence, in 2016, a greater emphasis will be laid in designing a website that opens easily in mobiles.

Content Is King And Is The Next Big Thing

Provide the information that a user is exactly looking for. Filling your website with fluff will bore the users and will take them away from the website. For instance: if you have a restaurant and have a website blog about food, then this won’t solve the purpose because it’s not only about a particular dish that a user will be interested to read, but they will look for other information like the opening hours, closing hours, location, reservation process and menu. Anybody searching for your website looks for the kind of ambience you offer first and the kind of cuisines that are available.

Less Zooming And Scrolling For Better Visibility

The need to scrolling and zooming rises at that point of time when a web page is not readable. We keep struggling our fingers or the mouse from one end of the screen to the other on the device. With the help of responsive web design, one can put an end to this problem. It makes use of grids and adaptive content layout, which in turn makes it easier for a web developer to adjust the ‘touch points’ in a web page.

Having a responsive website always gives the user an immersive viewing experience. Ever since the evolution of web designing, there have been numerous changes. For instance: in 2007, HTML and Ajax created ripples across the industry with their fantastic features, in the same way, responsive web design is a new trend and is here to stay for a long time.

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