6 Web Designing Myths That Will Blow Your Mind

6 Web Designing Myths That Will Blow Your Mind

In his book, ‘The Essentials About Interaction Design,’ Alan Cooper says, “Like electricity, the web has transformed our society to some degree, even in the relatively short time span since its introduction.” Well, one could not agree more to it as web designing has undergone a metamorphosis since its evolution in the world wide web. Over the years, website designers have been following the same old school ideas which they might think is correct, but in reality, they do not yield the results as far as designing is concerned.

These myths will amaze you and will make you rethink the way you design the website. It’s time to debunk those myths. So, let’s see which are those

  1. Myth: I Will Add More Features To My Web Page

Reality: As a marketer or as a web design and development company India one of the thoughts that comes to our mind is adding a lot of features to our home page will increase the web design, but this is one of the greatest myths. Don’t decorate your website with plenty of features as it makes it difficult for the visitor to scroll through the websites. Keeping the primary message will help customers recall your brand value.

  1. Myth: I Will Make My Web Page Content Heavy

Reality: It’s always good to write content on the website, but you should always keep an eye on the number of words that are used. For instance: if your home page has more than 200 words, then there is an issue with the design. It’s better to keep the number of words less than 75.

website design

  1. Myth: I Will Take Feedback From My Users

Reality: It is good to take a feedback from your customers, but asking them about the design of a website is one of the most foolish things to do. Instead, ask them about what are the other things they would like to see taking place in the website. Thus, you will come to know about the preferences of your customers.

  1. Myth: I Will Impress My Readers With Colorful Text And Stock Photos

Reality: It’s not about how you grab the eyeballs of your visitors with high-resolution photographs or graphics, it’s about diverting their minds to the correct features of the product. Using high-end graphics will reduce the user engagement.

  1. Myth: I Will Engage My Visitors To My Website

Reality: If you are thinking that organizing a quiz contest on your website will help you to engage with your customers, then you are wrong. If you fail to understand the needs or wants of your customer, then you are nowhere as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. Answering the queries of your customers related to your products will make your website emerge as a brand.

  1. Myth: I Will Make The Minor Changes In The Design Of My Website

Reality: If you are not happy with a certain design element of a website, then do not make the blunder of making the changes all by yourself, if you had hired a web designer to create your web page, then it is better to endow the responsibility upon him as he has a clear concept of the design for your website.

A good design is a creative thing. It is the amalgamation of ideas and proper their proper implementation. By overcoming the myths associated with website designing and development, one can certainly be on the right track.


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