Improve Your Web Design With These Professional Designing Tips

Improve Your Web Design With These Professional Designing Tips

Designing a web page is a challenge. The online industry is today replete with websites that come with unique designs. With almost the same designing themes being followed everywhere, it’s now time to upgrade your designing basics. Following the old school way of designing won’t fetch you any client as people are looking for something new.

The urge to make something different that will stand out from others is the reason behind the emergence of custom website development in India. Website owners are looking for a website that only offers a solution but also look a bit different that will grab the eyeballs of the customer. These professional designing tips will help you to improve the design of your website whether you are opting for a customized development of your website or giving a new look to your existing ones.

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  1. Professional Tip 1: Add Many Shades Of Gray

While designing the wireframe of your website, start with gray and then keep adding different layers of the color to it. Grayscale makes it easier for the designer to decide the elements that are to be included and then slowly make the necessary additions to the website. You carefully add all the elements to a website once you have a grayscale wireframe.

  1. Professional Tip 2: Take The Help Of Prototypes

Ditch Photoshop, when it comes to designing the web pages. You also do not need to include any call-to- action words or any type of web interfaces. Keynote makes use of an online repository that has all the design templates for user interface used for prototyping and wire framing. Moreover, you can also test mobile as well as web apps with the help of keynote.

  1. Professional Tip 3: No Social Media Icons

Your website is a reflection of the products and services you offer. Including social media icons on a web page is a strict no-no. Do not ever include the social media buttons at the top of your website. If you really feel that it is important to place those buttons, then remove them from the header and include them in the footer.

  1. Professional Tip 4: No Slideshows In Homepages

Using slideshows was a trend a few years ago, but slowly it is on the verge of extinction. The reason? People do not stay on the webpage in order to view all the files or messages. Though, this was one of the strategies adopted by marketers to display all the information on one page, but it is slowly dying out.

  1. Professional Tip 5: Keep The Navigation Simple

Don’t fill your website with links, rather allow simple navigation to the desired place where your customer wants to go. Get rid of drop-down menus and drop down multi-tier navigation. Until and unless you have the most skilled mouse it is not possible to work with such kind of website navigation systems.

  1. Professional Tip 6: Take The Help Of Pinterest

Do you know that you can use Pinterest for the next image of your blog post or Facebook post? Another benefit of Pinterest is that you can create mood boards and use your favorite images, patterns, and layouts.

These web designing tips are simple and are easy to implement. Once you apply them, the website will certainly stand out from the plethora of websites that are already available in the market.


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