Web Design Hacks For Making A Website More Appealing

Web Design Hacks For Making A Website More Appealing

Though there have been many discussions and articles about making the web page more aesthetic and appealing in terms of designing, but very less of them talk about the easy ways to create a wonderful web page. You do not need to read any tutorials, follow guidelines or engage in a discussion related to CSS3, jQuery because we have come out with some interesting web design hacks for your website. A web design company in India makes use of numerous tools, but amongst them, the smartest tools are those that are less complicated and are easy to use.

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Now, let us study the five interesting ways by which you can improve the design of your web page.

  1. White Spaces For More Impact

Every web page today on the internet is characterized by a well-designed home page. One of the distinguishing features that a unique web page sets apart from the rest of them present is the proper usage of white space. The space used between the different elements on a website makes it look strikingly different as far as the appearance of a website is concerned. Websites that make their web page clumsier with classifieds and loads of information confuses the visitor.

  1. User Experience Design

User Experience Design is something that will always put you in the forefront when it comes to a great user experience as far as designing a web page is concerned. Always start designing the page keeping the user in mind. For instance: if your target audiences are people who are senior managers or is a project head, then design the website in such a way that will answer their queries. The crux is to do a user experience design.

  1. Bigger Graphics Can Spell Magic

For better websites and for making a great impact on the users, using better graphics is the key. Research has proved that bigger graphics increases the conversion rate by 329%. For instance: Dell started using original graphics that were bigger. These graphics grew their conversion rates by 36% and bounce rates went down by 27%.

  1. Think Out-Of-The-Box

A bit of this and a bit of that can break the usual way of thinking and give your website that fab look. Using the same templates and themes are the clichéd ways of designing a web page, so why not try something new and entirely different. Who knows your idea could be the next big inspiration for others.

Your web page speaks for your company and is a gateway to anybody who comes to your website. A good website is all about connecting with your target customers and a properly designed web page is the tool that helps you to nurture the relationship and turn it into a profitable venture.


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