Problems With iOS 9 And How To Fix Them

Problems With iOS 9 And How To Fix Them

Although iOS 9 has been successful in deleting a number of bugs, but there are still some loopholes that need to be filled in. The iPhone 6s battery percentage for instance is one of the problems that users are facing. Some of the other most prominent issues that were faced repeatedly were the touch screen failures, long time taken by the phone to start a game and the broken app installations.

If anyone of you who is reading is, is an iPhone user and is frustrated with the problems emerging in iOS 9, then we’re here with a number of solutions for you.

Problem 1: Touch Screen Problem

If you are facing problem in starting your device, stop panicking. Many iPhone users faced this problem. They were neither able to access any apps nor were they able to turn on the phone.

Solution: Hold down the Power and Home button at the same time. Wait, till the phone reboots. Once done, you can start using your phone. This is a great solution to an iPhone users’ problem in the field of iOS app development.

Problem 2: Unnecessary Battery Drain

With the update in iOS, some users get an extra hour of battery life where as others are experiencing irregular battery drain. It was mostly after the update of iOS 9.2 update.

Solution: Restart your iPhone. Go to Settings, then select ‘General,’ ’Date and Time.’ Adjust the date and time of your iPhone and you can improve the battery life.

Problem 3: No Wi-Fi Connection

This is one of the most common problems that is faced by iPhone users. Though most of the users turn on and turn off the router but in case that does not solve the purpose, then we have a solution for you.

Solution: Go to the ‘Settings’ option, then tap ‘General,’ proceed to ‘Receed’ and then click ‘Receed Network Settings.’ Remember, once you follow this process, the iPhone will forget the password, hence, it is better to keep a note.

Problem 4: Touch ID Failure

You tap your fingers on your iPhone and it doesn’t work. Well, this is the problem that has been faced by many persons who use iPhone. If you find this issue repeatedly happening with you, then try the following solution.

Solution: Make sure that your hands are oil free. Now go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Touch ID & Passcode ’ and enter your passcode. Once, you do this, swipe the screen from left to right and then tap on ‘Add a fingerprint’ for regaining the touch id of your iPhone.

Problem 5: Installing Third Party Apps

If you are facing difficulty in installing third party applications, first determine if there is any update of the app or not. If you find that a recent version of the app has been released, then it’s fine or else follow the solution mentioned below.

Solution: There are two solutions to this problem. You can either reset your phone by holding the power and home button together or click on the ‘update’ option of the app from the app store.

There are numerous other problems that you might have come across apart from the one’s mentioned above. Well, if you have any, you can specify that in the comment section and let us know.


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