Android App Development: Marshmallow 6.0 Features Explained

Android App Development: Marshmallow 6.0 Features Explained

The final wait is over. Android has come up with its latest Marshmallow update and this time the features are quite impressive and helpful to the developers as well as the android users. It will be interesting to see an array of benefits being offered to all.

Let us discover the various updates that Marshmallow 6.0 has come out with and how will it be beneficial for you.

Google Now’ Is Only A Tap Away

You do not have to leave your current app anymore. All you have to do is press the home button for a long time from any screen; read the instructions and follow them. The app background stays at the back while ‘Google Now’ creates an overlay. Based on your current page, it gives you suggestions and links that you might like. The benefit of this feature is that it leaves time for searching many other important information. As far as android mobile application development is concerned, Marshmallow is a great step towards making this mobile OS a popular one.

Easier Cut And Paste Function

With an improved ‘cut and paste’ function, you might find some similarity with the Ios, but it comes with a lot of functionality and makes it easier for android users. When you highlight the text that you want to cut over the text, the selected part of the text floats. In the previous versions, the selected part of the text used to appear at the top.

Voice Search Even With Locked Screen

The incredible feature of voice search directly from the lock screen is something that will leave you amazed. In all the previous versions, one could only access the camera or attend emergency calls with the lock screen, but now Google voice search is easily accessible with this feature only a swipe away. You do not need to log in every time you want to make a voice search.

Check Your Security

In order to avoid bugs and issues Google has been constantly working towards improving the gadget which you use. Now, it simpler to update the security of your phone; just to the ‘Settings’ section and click on ‘About Tablet,’ you can view the ‘Android security patch level’ and come to know about the leel of security in your phone.

Permissions Before App Installation

If you do not want apps to have access to the basic functions of your phone, then that is possible with the help of the ‘Toggle On and Toogle Off’ feature. You can prevent the attacks of any malicious software from getting access to your mobile phone.

Passwords Protected With Locks

To avoid the annoying task of typing the alpha numeric characters every time you unlock your phone. The sixth version of Marshmallow now helps you to avoid the difficult task of setting passwords with the ‘Smart Lock for Passwords’ feature. Once you turn on the ‘Smart Lock ’ feature, all the passwords are saved securely in your Google account. They are saved in a centralized location in Google Cloud thus preventing any unauthorized party from getting access to your passwords.

With new features being introduced every month, Android is on the upward trend when it comes to providing the best technological services in terms of mobile app development. In the coming future, it will prove to be of immense help to all the users.


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