4 Myths of Custom Website Design Which You Must Know

4 Myths of Custom Website Design Which You Must Know

Web Designing is a vast and an interesting field. Today, it is impossible for a business to survive in the market without a proper web design. Since the advent of the internet, web designing has gradually evolved and is slowly moving towards an age of digital transformation. A website is not merely about bright colours and a number of flashy elements. Most of us are under the impression that it is all about attracting the eyeballs of the customers, but we often follow some designing techniques that might not be the correct one.

There are certain myths that still revolve in our head when it comes to a good web design but applying them while designing a web page might not fructify good results. So, let’s find out the myths related to custom website design.

custom website design

Myth 1

Too Many Animations Impress Visitors

Most of the time, web designer are often intrigued by the fact that the use of high-quality images and animations are key to getting the user’s attention, but this is a wrong perception. A visitor comes to a website in order to find the right information that he is searching for. Organizing content in a proper and readable manner should be the main priority of the designer.

Myth 2

Social Media Is Not Necessary

There are multiple social media platforms today where one can share their websites, but if you are still not making use of such platforms, then you are not only lagging behind your competitors but you are also restricting yourself from spreading your business network. According to the latest Google Hummingbird update, social media is an important element in determining the ranking of a website.

Myth 3

No Need Of Mobile Responsive Website

Today, mobile accounts for almost 50% of the internet traffic. People prefer to use their Smartphones or tablet rather than accessing the internet from their desktop or laptop. Connect to your website from your mobile, if you find it difficult to access, then it is very important that you make it mobile responsive as soon as possible.

Myth 4

Free Website

Free websites save a lot of money as you do not need to incur any expenses additionally, but it is important to keep in mind that there are fewer perks that you get along with it. For instance: a free website does not fetch good rankings and also have no widgets or extensions.

Once you bust the top four myths for custom website designing, it will become much easier for you to design the website in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

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