Latest Web Design Trends That You Need To Know

Latest Web Design Trends That You Need To Know

You might have come across a number of posts and articles that discuss the web design trends that are going to be followed in 2016, but do you know that recently some more predictions have been added? Well, these trends are completely different from what it was predicted previously. Many aspects are being taken into consideration this time.

Designers from all over the world who offer web application development services have come out with some emerging trends that they think will play a crucial role in determining the design of a website. Now let us take a look at the various web designing trends that have newly emerged.


1. Design For The Users

A web page is not about simply putting the designs. It also means adhering to the quality guidelines of Google. Hence, the only way to improve the design is having a clear understanding of the existing trends in the designing industry. One important thing to keep in mind is that content that is placed above the fold ranks better than the content that is hidden below.

2Single Page Design Will Be The Hero

With the increase in the rise of cluttered design, the need for minimalist design has risen up. Due to fewer attention spans and the rise of impatient users, single page designs are rapidly rising with an increase in their demand. Nowadays, users find it quite irritating to scroll through multiple pages in a website and, therefore, the demand for single page design has increased.

  1. Responsive Web Design

You might now that responsive web design is one of the important requirements if you have a website, but it has now become mandatory now. The reason for this is the introduction of Google’s penalty for those websites that does not have a mobile responsive website. Hence, simply having a separate website that opens on a mobile won’t help; instead, it is better to have a mobile responsive website.

  1. Scalable Vector Graphics To Rule The Market

Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG came into usage in the late 2015 and in 2016 it will continue to play a key role in the designing industry. Such images can scale irrespective of the resolution of the device and that’s why they are preferable ones when it comes to selecting the best images to be used on a website or at any other thing which is published online.

  1. Modular Design To Rise

Hundreds and thousands of websites are updated with text in the form of articles and blogs every day, but from now on this won’t be the scenario. What readers and users search for are not only meaningful information that will help them, but they also want those to be presented to then in a manner that looks pleasing to the eye. Here, comes the role of modular design as it beautifully organizes the content with rich media, mainly through the gridlock pattern.

  1. Speed Is Must

Speed plays a crucial factor in determining the visitors of a website. It has been seen that websites that take a longer time to upload are often closed down by visitors. The longer your website takes to upload, the more will be the possibility of visitors leaving your website.

To have a phenomenal success in business you must be the first one to implement the recent updates that are currently going on in the industry. It is only then, you will be ahead of the competitors in the market.


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