6 Ways To Create Free Space In iPhone

6 Ways To Create Free Space In iPhone

The iPhone is a rage today among youngsters and anybody who wants to flaunt the latest technological innovation from the mobile manufacturing giant. With a large memory of 64 GB, even so much space seems not to be enough for the iPhone users. This is the maximum storage capacity, which a device like iPhone can have. There are a number of ways through which you can increase the storage capacity of your iPhone.

Now, let us take you through the number of ways through which you can save the internal storage capacity of your iPhone and make more spaces for adding any important files.

1. If you are a movie buff or is an avid book reader, then no doubt space will always fall to short for you even if you keep deleting the files as you complete watching or reading each one of them. A Wi-Fi card reader or storage device would be the appropriate solution for you. You can purchase a pen drive with a memory of 16 GB. The interesting fact is that users can access their devices without any internet. This is a great step for iPhone Application Development.

2. Photos tend to occupy major space in iPhone due to the heavy file size of each picture. As a result, a major part of the phone is filled up with images. The best way to manage the photos is to take a back up either in your system or in your Google Drive. Dropbox might also be great option if you want to keep your important photos safely. On the other hand, a Wi-Fi hard drive might also prove to be fruitful.

3. Most of the iMessages which you receive consumes a considerable amount of space of your iPhone memory. If you are aware of the most important messages, then it is better to delete them. Another option is to activate the ‘opt out’ option in the never delete messages category. In this way, any iMessage which you do not want to receive will be deleted automatically.

4. Do you know that in the settings menu option of Photos there is an option called ‘Keep Normal Photos ?’ Well, you can activate it and prevent your iPhone from creating duplicate photos. Another option is to delete all the photos while in burst mode.

5. Clear browser cache frequently in order to create space for internal storage is a good move, so why not do it? Clearing the reading list also helps to save a lot of memory space.

6. Picture and videos take up most of the space in an iPhone. If you have some unnecessary files in your mobile which are just a onetime watch, then it is better to transfer then at a separate place or keep then in your laptop.

An iPhone is a technologically advanced device that helps to lay your hands on technology. While most of the time, we go haywire as far as the use is concerned owing to the multiple benefits of iPhone and then storage becomes an issue. With these 6 ways mentioned above, one can easily create free space.


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