How To Create Mobile Applications With Android SDK

How To Create Mobile Applications With Android SDK

For those who are into mobile app development, android is something that is not new to them. Every day, thousands of apps are being released in the market, but the best among them are the ones that benefits those users who download them and successfully can make use of them.

With Android SDK it has now become easier to develop and android app provided that you are familiar with object oriented programming and have a firm grip over the kind of layouts that are followed in web designing. The availability of tools moreover, makes it quite an easy task for the developers.

Over the next few paragraphs you will get an idea on how to develop an android mobile app with the help of Android SDK.

Android Tools which could be of help to you

There are two types of tools, which you need to know, if you are working as a developer in the field of android app development – Android SDK Manager and Android Studio.

Android SDK Manager – It is very useful in downloading the tools, code samples of platform, system images and libraries. One interesting fact about it is that whenever you download it, the latest version is always available. However, it is recommended that whenever any latest version comes out, you download it with the help of SDK Manager.

Android Studio – This tool will prove to be quite beneficial for the developers as it includes a number of helpful features. For instance: the code editor, layout editor or any kind of tools that you need in order to develop a mobile application. In addition to that you can also debug your tools in an emulator.

How To Run Sample Projects From Android SDK?

Android has a virtual machine known by the name of Dalvik. This is basically good for all those developers who have a basic knowledge of any kind of object oriented language. In order to get a brief overview of the same, we will now give you an example to help you understand the working better. Well, in addition to the example given below, you can also refer to Google as it serves as the best platform to get an overall idea on how the Android SDK works.

Step 1: Open ‘Android Studio’

Step 2: Select ‘Import an Android Code’ to start a project

Step -3: In the next screen, select ‘Borderless’ button and select ‘Next’

Step -4: Here the project loads. Hence select ‘Debug’ in order to launch the app in debugging mode in the device.

Step-5: In the next step, a window specifying a device chooser will pop up. Press ‘ok’ here and it will start running in your device.

Once you press ok, the app starts running. Android SDK has made the life of developers much easier as it now acts as a catalyst when it comes to developing a mobile application. With the help of SDK, the future of mobile app development has certainly moved up many notches higher.


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