Why AngularJS and Ionic Make a Great Hybrid Mobile App

Why AngularJS and Ionic Make a Great Hybrid Mobile App

The role of SDK in the world of mobile app development cannot be ignored. It is one of the fundamental requirements for developing an app. It makes the task of a developer pretty easier as he does not have to depend on any other external resources as far as developing an app is concerned. As far as developing an app is concerned, very few developers know that Ionic – a front end SDK can prove to be a catalyst in developing a hybrid mobile app.

Now, let us understand how Ionic can help you to make a hybrid mobile app.

Ionic is basically a cross platform application that makes use of HTML5+CSS and AngularJS in order to create the dream hybrid mobile app. Moreover, it also makes use of Cordova that enables you to make use of native device functions.

Role of Ionic in Hybrid Mobile App Development

There are three factors that make Ionic the hero. They are debugging, performance and UI. The multiple extensible options provide seamless interaction with high-quality components. Ionic makes use of some guidelines for every individual platform based on which the element will be displayed. It takes into account various factors such as styling, transition or any other type of platform. Moreover, developers can also make use of $ionicConfigProvider in order to write on a particular transition or any other particular style.

Simplifying The Work Of Making The Components

A number of things are to be taken into account while developing a mobile app. There are various parameters like width, height, device and density that determine the creation of an app. Creating icons and splash icons, it is necessary to create two important files either in psd or png format. It is also important to create the template and a resource directory.

Faster Performance of the Apps

Hybrid mobile applications might not be so popular, but Ionic optimizes all the components of UI. There are many embedded Crosswalk in the CLI that ensures the performance of the apps is optimally utilized. Building complex applications in the form of a hybrid mobile app is always the primary agenda.

Ionic comes as a convenient solution for all those who are looking for facilitating the services with analytics and push notifications. As a hybrid mobile application, the combination of AngularJS and Ionic will certainly prove to be a great combination.

Support High-Resolution Pictures

Use of hybrid mobile apps supports any high-quality pictures which you use. In order to make your app look unique, it is necessary to add the dimensions to your app, which is twice the image size. One can approach the app in different ways. Although there are no fixed sizes for the images, but you can easily scale them either in SVG or HTML 5

Ionic is such a platform that it gives mobile developers the ultimate platform without making any compromise on the quality of application developed. It’s ability to optimize the UI components helps to make a quality mobile application.


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