4 Must To Avoid Web Design and Development Mistakes

4 Must To Avoid Web Design and Development Mistakes

Making a website user-friendly keeping in mind about the basic elements that customers always look out for, at times can be a daunting task. While designers try to give a creative makeover to a web page, they often tend to skip the basic elements that are mandatory on a website. It is important to keep in mind that it is important to make a website look visually appealing, but in the course of doing that one must not forget to skip the mandatory elements that are necessary to keep on a website.

To make the task of web design and development easier, we take you through the 4 mistakes which most of the web designers make along with the solutions.

No Search Boxes

Whether you have a buyer or a prospective customer, it is important to keep in mind that everybody wants a ‘search’ information bar that might not be available on your web page. Keeping the option of a search box makes it easier for the person or for the visitor to find the exact thing he had been looking for.

Always keep a Google Custom Search option to help your visitors find the most accurate information about a particular product or service that he or she has been looking for. All you have to do is just copy the HTML code, paste the code in your website and it’s done.

Difficulty in Reading

Use of bizarre fonts and their sizes often make the reader’s disinterested and they tend to switch over to other websites. Well, this is certainly a situation, which you would like to avoid, isn’t it? Well, proper selection of fonts and colors can make this task much easier.

Use Sans serif typeface in order to make the font size of your website more appealing. As far as the colors are concerned, follow the color combination pattern of the most popular websites to get a good idea.

No Consistency In Content

The success of a website depends to a large extent on the way the content is organised on a web page. Today, a user never reads out word by word, rather he or she scans the content moving across the most important points; these are points of interests.

In order to lure visitors to your web page, it is important to focus on the most important points. Highlight them with bold colors and use points or bullet numbers. Also, take care of the keywords and keep proper paragraphs.

Poor Navigation

A clear navigation is necessary to help users click on the information that is looking for. A consistent navigating pattern on the website will ensure seamless navigation without the need to struggle for the next action. Deadlinks are a big no-no as it can turn away visitors, ultimately leading to a fall in the website’s reputation.

Use descriptions and images to describe important links. Moreover, the navigation patterns should be in perfect sync with the theme of the website. If users cannot find the information within first few clicks, they are bound to go to another website.

Once you are aware of these four mistakes, you will never again commit them and will surely design an alluring website.


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