Build Hybrid Mobile Apps With These Amazing Frameworks

Build Hybrid Mobile Apps With These Amazing Frameworks

The demand for hybrid mobile apps has increased so much that more than 50% of the businessman use them. The purpose of an app today is manifold. Developing it for a particular device or an operating system is a cliché thing. People have very less time today and want everything to is served on one plate. Taking this philosophy into the technological world, the concept of developing a hybrid mobile app has come into usage.

As far as the mobile app development market is concerned, it is moving ahead at a blazing speed. The concept of the hybrid mobile app has been in use for quite some time now. The frameworks upon which they are developed are the heart and soul of such interesting app. We present to you some of the most amazing frameworks that will enable you to make the best hybrid app.


This is one of the fantastic frameworks, which you will ever come across. Powered by SaaS, it has many UI components that help to develop interactive mobile applications. The JavaScript MVVM framework and Angular JS are the key ingredients that play a key role in making Ionic a powerful framework. The icing on the cake is that with Angular JS 2, it will make a lethal combination.

2. Mobile Angular UI

Another spectacular framework is Mobile Angular UI – a great HTML 5 framework which is a combination of Angular JS and Bootstrap 3. It comprises of many important features such as sidebars, overlays, and switches which one cannot find in bootstrap. A major benefit of it is that all the responsive media queries are taken out of the bootstrap separately in the form of files.

3. Intel XDK

This is yet another interesting framework. As the name suggests it is a product of Intel. It offers different kinds of templates and makes the task of a developer easier by enabling him to make use of various frameworks. You can even download the app from Intel. It is free of cost.

4. Appcelerator Titanium

It is an open source mobile application framework that creates the framework to make the applications on various mobile platforms. The SDK that is used comes loaded with many mobile APIs as well as a cloud service in the form of an app backend. Moreover, the platform independent APIs also make it an easy to access hardware.

5. Sencha Touch

An HTML 5 framework, Sencha Touch is used for making apps on various platforms starting Android to Windows and iOS. It is one of the most popular apps among the hybrid mobile application developers.

As the world is slowly progressing towards digitization in the 21st century, everyone is taking the help of technology to move ahead. Even when it comes to developing a mobile application, technology is playing a vital role and is facilitating the process of mobile app development. With time, mobile apps are going to evolve more rapidly in a new form. The role of hybrid apps, therefore, will, therefore, increase in the near future.


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