Professional Photoshop Web Design Tips For a Great Design

Professional Photoshop Web Design Tips For a Great Design

Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the most innovative solutions for a great design. This software has acted as a blessing in disguise to the designers who are associated with the designing industry. It would not have been possible to see the immense growth in the designing industry if Photoshop would not have been invented. It has opened the doors of innovation and creativity and is the single factor which is responsible for awe-inspiring designs.

For a great web design and development process, photoshop is mandatory these days. Over, the next few slides, we will take you through some professional web design tips which will help you to make not only beautiful but inspiring designs.

Tip 1: Make a sketch

Even before you start designing, make a rough layout on a white sheet of paper in order to determine about how the final result will look like. Sketching gives you a fair idea about the end product. You will not spend more time on the computer while you sit down for making a design from the first stage.

Tip 2: Follow Grid System

It is important to follow the grid system while designing for any website. Alignment and relationship between the sizes are two of the most important things that your design should reflect.

Tip 3: ‘Shortcuts’ at fingertips

There is no doubt in the fact that Photoshop enables you to create a masterpiece of a design, but it’s not about how beautiful you create, it’s about how quickly you can design. Hence, it is must to know the shortcuts. They should be at your fingertips. Here are some of them with which you can start with

Save for Web: Cmd+Opt+Shift+S

Adjust Image Size: Cmd+Opt+I

Adjust Canvas Size: Cmd+Opt+C

Adjust Levels: Cmd+L

Adjust Hue/Saturation: Cmd+U

Tip 4: Learn to use the Pen tool

Though most of the time the designers tend to neglect it, but using pen tool helps to bring more precision to your drawing skills. If you want to add some crisp masks to your design or want to make more illustrations then you must be an expert when it comes to using the pen tool.

Tip 5: Keep the shapes of vector objects integral

Changing the logo numerous times is not something new. Restriped graphics in the photoshop file makes it difficult to make further changes. Even when you are trying to resize the button, this kind of problems take place. Hence, always keep the shape in vector format. This can be done by importing the objects as vector smart or by converting them into smart objects.

Tip 6: Make use of Smart objects & layer comps

Though Photoshop does not have navigation states, but you can take the help of layer comps in order to make great layouts. In order to add some elements in your layout, make use of smart objects and make proper use of it.

Follow the above-mentioned  rules and you will experience a completely new change in your designs.


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